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Chapter 1: The Unwanted Beginning
The Fifth Month, Leo
The Fourth Week, Caligos
The Third Day, Bellum Lux

Why couldn’t the week go faster? I have to get out of this campus before they find me.

Sweeping the black hair out of my eyes, I warily look around the football field. The sky was glistening like sapphires with wisps of white clouds flitting past. The grass shone green with water droplets from the afternoon sprinkling. High above, the sun warmed my metal rod, which would usually burn a regular person, but to me, the burning only seemed like a mere tickling sensation to my leg.

I glanced behind me, making sure no one was watching, then creeped out on to field. The grass squeaked underfoot, making such annoying noises – ick, ick, ick.

That was when everything went wrong.

I hadn’t noticed, but as I tread across the field, the sprinkling lines had been arranged in a loop, and now someone had pulled it across the lawn. For some reason, I knew exactly who it was. Whoever had set up this trap had the gift of the First Month, Celeritas, which meant they had sonic speed, and that meant they could go so fast you couldn’t see them with your bare eye.

Someone whizzed past, and I whipped around in the direction they had gone, but of course, no one was there. Then zooming past, I caught a glimpse of a person holding the sprinkling line in one hand. My campus nemesis: Rixator Stultus. Rixator circled around me with a speed of a thousand kilometres an hour, dragging the line with him, binding me up so my arms were fixed to my sides and my legs pinned together.

Rixator tugged, and I fell hard onto my stomach.

‘Ha-ha! We got him again!’ One of Rixator’s goons had popped out from behind a bush and was striding towards us.

‘I know! I can’t believe this idiot is so dumb!’ Rixator kicked me in the back, only to entangle myself even more within the garden hose.

I groaned. I can’t believe myself – it’s almost been a year since arriving, and this was probably the hundredth time in getting caught by Rixator and his maniacal goons. Everywhere I turn, the Celeritas kid would be there waiting to pummel me up to mango pulp.

Rixator sneered and pulled my head up so that he could see my face. His maroon hair was plastered in spikes, his face covered with lines of mockery. Platinum eyes stared hard at me, soaking in the weak state I was in. He was sizing me up, which was no problem for him since he was way muscular and stronger than me. ‘How’s it feeling, Ignis?’ my nemesis crooned. ‘Once again, caught in the genius plan of Rixator. What does it feel like being tied up by a garden hose?’

His friends laughed wildly as he wound the sprinkler line tighter around my chest.

Then she turned up.

A blast of water erupted from somewhere behind Rixator, which immediately slammed into him and his friends. The sprinkler line around me seemed to go thinner as all the water within it was flushed to wash Rixator away.

The water settled, and I heard Gemmeus’s voice yell angrily, ‘Get off my friend, you lousy bag of schist!’ She appeared in my peripheral vision, a strong girl with a great attitude. Her coppery auburn hair shone blood red, her striking blue eyes as sharp as an eagle’s. She wore a pristine blue shirt and miniskirt, with navy tights underneath, her maroon jacket coating her slim figure. ‘You heard me!’ she cried. ‘Get off Audax!’

Before she could do anything else, the ground underneath rumbled slightly. I smiled as a fissure appeared next to Rixator’s feet. Timidus Fidelis could do wonders, alright. Next to Gemmeus appeared a taller boy with earth-brown hair and green eyes. He was a mix between city and rock, with a green shirt, a black jacket and brown pants that matched his hair. The guy was timid, sure, but when the need arose, he was an earthquake.

And I mean, quite literally, an earthquake.

His arms were raised, clicked his fingers, and Rixator and his goons fell down a deep pit in the ground. The guy was born on the Sixth Month, the earth month, which gave him the ability of complete control over the earth.

Rixator howled in anger. ‘You’ll pay for this, you dog!’

‘You’re the dog!’ Gemmeus yelled back.

‘Chill, Gemmeus,’ Timidus soothed. ‘He’s not going to come back up for a while, so let’s just go and help Audax.’

When hearing that the situation was turned back towards me, my face burned.

And I mean, also quite literally, burning with steam emitting from my body as the remaining drops of water evaporated from my clothes.

Gemmeus and Timidus helped me unravel the sprinkler line from around my body, with Gemmeus collecting the stray water droplets from my hair. She was born on the Eighth Month, Nepa, the water month.

‘What did you do this time?’ asked Gemmeus.

‘Nothing,’ I complained. ‘He always picks on me as if I’m the special strawberry…which I’m not.’

‘Sometimes, you are a strawberry,’ Timidus points out, still untying unnecessary knots around my chest. He was half a foot taller than me, so he had to bend down to reach the top of my head. ‘I mean, you grow pretty red when you’re frustrated.’

‘So do you,’ I protested. The sprinkler line finally fell loose at my feet, and I rubbed my arms, feeling the indentations in my skin where the hose dug deep into my flesh.

‘Sure, but that’s my Lumen,’ explained Timidus. ‘I make it look like I’m going all red, but then I can make it look like I’ve been sick.’

‘Gross!’ Gemmeus slapped Timidus playfully, her hair burning brightly. ‘I hate it when you talk like that!’

I grin; Timidus was always getting into trouble, well, getting in trouble while talking – he didn’t necessarily feel the pain of Rixator’s pummelling fists like I did.

I shrugged my shoulders as Gemmeus said, ‘Audax, if anything is bothering you – even Rixator, for instance – just tell us. We’re your friends; we’ll stick by you.’

I stared at her; her features were smooth like creamy milk. ‘Gemmeus, I don’t think you understand,’ I told her. ‘I don’t need a bodyguard, which only means you don’t need to stick by me. The world never stands for anyone – it’s only every man for himself. I have to stand up for myself.’

With her baffled confusion, I pressed on. ‘If you keep appearing in my problems, I’ll only grow weaker. I need to face my problems by myself – only myself. I’m sorry, but Audax Ignis has to sort things out that are in his field.’

I was expecting her to explode in my face, yell at me for all the harsh things I was saying. But her blue eyes glistened sadly, and she nodded. ‘Yeah, we know,’ Timidus said softly. ‘But…you’re our friend, and we can’t stand letting you down.’

Sighing, I turn my back to them and stare down at my hands. They were grimy and streaked with mud from my roll in the grass. I doubted I looked any better. Then the most peculiar thing caught my eye. Right from the centre of my palm was a light, like a little light bulb had switched on in my hand. The light concentrated, and there was heat, but I stuffed my hand into the pocket of my jacket. It was probably just me hallucinating; I admit, I was starting to hallucinate often these days, but I don’t know why. It wasn’t like I had a disorder, but it was starting to scare me.

Mum would know, I thought. She’s probably the wisest person that I ever known. Besides, she was born on the First Month, Celeritas, so she could understand things in a snap. And she was also my mum, so she would know.

Speaking about months…I was born on the Third Month, Logicum. The only gift I’ve got from the Technological month was just manipulating technology and solving very hard problems. What sort of power was that? All you could do was to just reprogram electronic billboards or get all the answers from the half-yearly exam from the main computer. Logicum kids were generally excellent hackers.
I sighed.

‘Well, thanks for your help, guys,’ I say, clapping Timidus on the shoulder. Gemmeus gave me a quick hug, and I returned it to her.

‘Wanna come over to my place sometime this week?’ she asked as she handed me my bag that lay a couple of metres away. I took it, wiping the wet grass and dirt from the black cloth, but it never came off. Just my luck.

‘You know, uh, maybe no,’ I said, trying to sound polite. ‘I’m a bit busy at the moment. Maybe next week, okay? Sorry, Gemmeus.’

Gemmeus smiled, her face gleaming like a gem. ‘Ah, no worries. Everyone has their own thing, right?’

Smiling sheepishly, I nodded. ‘Yeah. See ya around.’

Gemmeus and Timidus smiled. ‘Back at you, Audax,’ Timidus said. Then we parted, me leaving towards the eastern exit, while Gemmeus Adamas and Timidus Fidelis left through the bus bay. I strode down the street, staring at the roads. Cars and trucks whizzed past on their hoverboard innovations, the street lamps often sparking. People walked about doing their daily things, and here I was walking down the street with incessant nagging from my nervous system.

A sudden pain flared in the palm of my right hand. I pulled it out of my pocket, seeing something had stabbed me. Blood covered my palm, and I desperately tried pulling out whatever had pierced itself into my flesh. It was nothing; somehow, maybe my fists were clenched so tight that my nails had dug through my skin. I honestly had no idea.

I licked the excess blood off my hand – it didn’t taste quite nice – and I ran the rest of the way home. I desperately wanted to shield myself from the strange things that were happening today, but they just seemed to keep following me.


The boy thundered along the ground. His hand was dripping with red liquid. Yes…the boy’s blood was rich, full of power, full of magic, full of life. He needed this power. Let the liquid drip to the ground. Let it drip to awaken him.

The boy hastily licked his hand in an attempt to clean it, but this was exactly what he needed. A speck of crimson dropped from his bleeding palm. It fell, and it splattered onto the concrete in the boy’s shadow.


The drop of blood was slowly soaked into the ground. The boy, oblivious to everything that was happening, ran back down the road, disappearing.


The ground darkened as the boy’s blood was soaked into the ground. The crimson liquid was indeed rich, full of power, full of magic, full of life. It was indulgent, something that was savoured. Something that was beyond extraordinary.

I will rise…I will rise once more, and nothing will stop me now!
This is the first chapter of my new book Power of the Chosen One.
At the end of each chapter in the description, I'll attach a link to the previous chapter and the next chapter (if I finish writing it).
Have FUN!!!

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