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Palaemon by TheSeventhWheel7 Palaemon by TheSeventhWheel7
This is my first OC, I created him and cuddled him (metaphorically speaking) way back in late 2015. A little background info:

Name: Palaemon Radcliffe (I'm very good at names, not)
Gender: male; (occasionally) pansexual
Age: 17
Appearance: lithe, blue eyes, light tanned skin, brown hair (I just had to nickname him Cinnamon Head)
Friends: Aishani Devar, Surya Kumar, Ayami Hirano, Gena Birrong, Saleem Basharat, (briefly) Karthi Kumar
Interest: Aishani Devar
Bio: Palaemon is the demigod offspring of Sienna Radcliffe and the Vedic God of the Oceans and Water, Varuna. Due to his parentage, Palaemon has a strong sense of justice and moral order, and has water-manipulative abilities. He has two other brothers, Zane and Harry, whom all three are triplets. At some point in his life (not telling you when, cuz that'll be spoilers) he had to host the god/incarnate Krishna, which enabled him to more power, blah blah blah.
Abilities: Water-based powers (hydrokinesis): powers strongest at night; water-based storm manipulation (etc. cyclones); underwater breathing; (briefly) cyrokinesis; telepathy with snakes/serpents and oceanic creatures; demigod agility; great fighting skills; healing abilities

>> PLEASE DO NOT DRAW MY OCS. Even if you ask me, my only answer will be NO, because they are all personal to me, and I wouldn't like it if they just popped everywhere. I'm sorry if you wanted to, but it's just how it is <<
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