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The Android Sent by Cyberlife
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Head Shots (including OR excluding shoulder)
OCs and characters from any movie/book/tv series is accepted. You can choose whether you want the shoulders or not.

You can choose whether you want a coloured background or a clear background
Half Body
OCs and characters from any movie/book/tv series accepted.

You can choose whether you want a coloured background or a clear background
Full Body
OCs and characters from any movie/book/tv series is accepted.
More than one character is fine :D

You can choose whether you want a coloured background or a clear background

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TheSeventhWheel7 has started a donation pool!
5 / 1,700
I just wanted to increase my level from "Broke" to "Standard Level" and get Llama badges for all you guys! It is just a random amount of points, but it should be enough for now.

Thanks, you guys!

EDIT: I also just realised that I need 1200 points just for a three-month CORE Membership....¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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TheSeventhWheel7's Profile Picture
Alex "Leo" Fierro-Valdez
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
I am TheSeventhWheel7, your local/global/universal artist drawing Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, Ninjago, and Jacksepticeye artwork. Did I mention I was sarcastic? Yeah, that's what I'm like -- sarcastic. Anyhow, have fun looking through my art!

In the mean time,
*puts on Kai/Vincent Tong's voice*
Gotta go. This is a job for the Ninja! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


(prof pic: acknowledgments go to Rick Riordan, the Lord of Sass)
Link to video:…
(icon pic: acknowledgments go to viria13 :iconviria13:)

Contact me at: >><<

Fliptableplz by TooneGeminiElf <<< Me during tests
MLG BRO!!! -Jacksepticeye (Request) Free2use by Drobotx7 <<< Me when tests are over
Potato Jack Emoticon by TheSeventhWheel7
Regret by TheSeventhWheel7


*desperately trying to teach my brother the horrors of the Percy Jackson cinematic universe even though he's like 8 years old*

From 0:42 to 1:19
It's literally Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles Crossover: Son of Sobek in a nutshell
With Peter P being Percy J, and Miles M being Carter K
Whyyyy am I merging two different fandoms together???
Quick Medibang sketch of everyone's favourite demigod Aquaman
Also, if you think it's still August 17 and decide to dump hate on me, stuff you all because here in Australia, it's August 18. BOI-

Wow, Percy's already 25 and still taking selfies...I feel so young now ;n;
Guys, it's my brother's birthday tomorrow, and we're- HOLY SCHIST I DIDN'T EVEN MAKE HIM A BIRTHDAY CARD, WTF I'M A GREAT SISTER NOT I was using a pen this morning...
*wapoosh!* Top of the morning to ya, laddies, my name is TheSeventhWheel7, and here I am being forced to do a tag by colorgirl58 :iconcolorgirl58:...again...Anyway, let's do this

1) Write 13 things about yourself.
2) Answer 13 things asked by the person who tagged you
3) Make your own 13 questions.

4) Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they're tagged.
5) Don't say, "You're tagged if you read this."
6) You can tag back 

13 Facts About Me
I dislike pineapple
2) I'm the eldest child
3) I tend to procrastinate...a lot
4) I'm undergoing a I-can't-live-without-Marvel phase right now
5) When I was younger, I wanted to be an animator
6) I like Smarties and Malteasers and Cadbury and Lindt
7) I'm a pianist
8) I'm only good at piano because I used to take classes, then pulled out, then joined the school band, lol
9) My temperature flactuates a lot...dunno why, but I can withstand most extreme temperatures
10) I used to cosplay Ben 10 with my friends when I was 7
11) Even though I don't do gymnastics (I plan to tho) I am kinda agile
12) I found out that comics aren't just sunshine and rainbows (I mean, take Spider-Man Noir for instance)
13) I can jump through hoops that are at least 40cm off the ground....iamtotallynotspidermannonotatall

Alrighty, now for these questions:

1. What are you doing right now?
    Completing this tag, eating murukku and chilling in front of the heater...yeah, the heat doesn't really bother me
2. What is your dream job?
    To become a gynaecologist
3. What do you like about my art?
    I really like your art style -- very simplistic and cute :3
4. Where is the one place you would want to go?
    AVENGERS TOWER....Um, the Empire State Building
5. Who is your favorite fictional character?
    Ugh, do I have to choose just one? This is hard...well, my favourite of all time is Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus...(And Kai from Ninjago, Peter Parker/Spider-Man from Marvel, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Alex Fierro from Magnus Chase, and-- *gets slapped*)
6. Do you like Sea Lions? (They're my second favorite animal.)
    Well, not sea lion, buuuuuuut....

    Can you say no to this?
7. Do you like Disney movies? (or Pixar)
    Meh, it depends on the movie. Disney is sorta in the middle
8. If you said yes, then which one is your favorite? (If not, just type whatever you want)
    The okay movie would have to be Big Hero 6, I the mean time, ytwauydhfkfnrgfehudijsalddd3h9we8aosgoibaldisbasicsytyghenid
9. Do you like hugs? *Hugs you*
    I welcome you with open arms *hugs back*
10. Can I have some cookies?
    No, the cookies are for Percy *hands Percy the tray of blue cookies* ....buuuuut, I can give one one *hands you one cookie*
11. Are you bored?
    Friend, I am ADHD most of the time, of course I'm bored
12. What is a question you want me to answer?
    Why do you always tag me XD
13. Can you tell that I ran out of questions?
    Really, I wouldn't have noticed *sarcasm*

Now I have to make 13 questions...this was always the hard part, haha. Anyways:
Your questions:
1) Do you wish to do this?
2) Im'ma take over the world -- watcha gonna do?
3) Favourite character(s) from any fandom?
4) Favourite movie as of this year?
5) Favourite song? (so original, I'm sorry)
6) You got super powers. What are they?
7) If you could travel back in time, what would you do?
8) Do you like writing/drawing? (If no, we cannot be friends *sarcasm*)
9) What do you dislike the most?
10) Weirdest dream you've ever had?
11) Ever been grounded/punished?
12) How would you describe yourself?
13) Okay, I'm dying. Will you do anything if there was a chance to save me?

You thirteen shall be the ones to suffer now:
colorgirl58 (I'm too evil for my own good)

Have fun, my peeps :P
Peace out~
  • Listening to: Born to Run
  • Reading: Ship of the Dead
  • Watching: Marvel's Spider-Man
  • Playing: The BOSS (jacksepticeye fangame)
  • Eating: Murukku
  • Drinking: Water



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