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SWTOR Countdown Skin for Rainmeter

For all those of you who, like me, can't wait for the Release Day of Star Wars - The Old Republic!

The preview shows all six variants I made.

The default date for the countdown is 12/14/11 at 23:59:59, i.e. one second before theoretical early game access.
You can change this easily as soon as you have more detailed information about your personal game start time by changing the Date, Time etc. under "Variables" in the skin files.

Now for the obligatory thanks and links:

First of all, I am clueless with *.lua files, so big thanks to vonSmallhausen for his beautiful and simple CountDown Skin, which I partly used for this.

Secondly, thanks to FantasyStock for the Grid Background!

Lastly, the wallpaper is one of the Facebook images of the weeks, thus (just as the header logo image) (c) BioWare/EA/LucasArts and can be found e.g. here.

Fonts are included.

This is my first ever Rainmeter Skin, so please comment if you detect code errors or have other things to say :D

May the force be with you!
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