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So, after about six solid straight hours of reading and deliberating your entries, I've finally come to a (very strangled) conclusion. As I was watching the entries come though last month I already realised this would be an extremely difficult one to pick, as many of you are fantastic well-rounded writers in your own right. I never expected the quality of so many of these stories to be so good, so give yourself a pat on the back for making my life as a contest judge horribly difficult. ;P

In the end I came to three standouts, who on the whole each did a marvelous job. I couldn't possibly demote any to third place (which has no prize) and so, at equal second, are...

:iconquippers-united: The Travelling Bathroom by Quippers-United
Awarded because yours was the only piece to make me giggle. Well, not just that; it was wonderfully abstract, and written in an incredibly engaging manner.

:iconluckyslugger: Death of a Cutter by LuckySlugger
For an insightful piece that tells the tale of a man in desperate need of redemption. Sir, your visuals are commendable.

The two of you will receive a prize of 200 points each (a bit extra than the original offering, because I'm feeling nice). Enjoy them!

Finally, the winner of this contest is...

:iconmertus: Voyant by Mertus
Perhaps I'm a little more fond and connected to objects than the average person, but this piece, centred around that little, delicate glass angel, really resonated well with me. Congratulations! :clap:

Well, that's the June contest over and done with. Congratulations to our winners and all entrants, the prizes shall be delivered in about two weeks time. Look out for more contests in the coming month - August shall boast not one but two contests to satiate your comedic and poetic needs!

This has been Pseudinymous, and I bid thee goodnight. :aww:


Congratulations guys, to everyone who entered! We have indeed made it to the goal of 30 entries, so congratulations again! A wonderful effort.

Now, if you shall excuse me, the judging shall commence. I shall need at most a week, and probably a bit of caffeine. ;) Good luck to all!


Well... as the title says, it's very close to the deadline for this contest. In fact, you have the weekend to submit your entries! First off, I would like to congratulate the community for generating the biggest response to a contest on record, with 24 entries! To those of you who haven't entered already or are sitting on work that's not quite done yet, let's see if we can push that up to a total of 30 entries by the end of the weekend, hmm? Because that would be pretty awesome. xD

Anyway, I'd like to honestly wish you all good luck. I'll try to give all your pieces an in-depth and thoughtful critique when the contest is over. Be happy, people. You've done an excellent job so far. :)


Writers! Time to stretch your short story-writing fingers, because this month it's a- a... well, a short story.

June the 30th, 2013. All submissions must be in the submission folder in time.

Your submission MUST begin with the sentence, "It broke." Whether this is part of the narrative or you have a character saying this is up to you. The sentence is deliberately ambiguous; what breaks, whether it is an abstract concept or a literal physical object, is all up to you. Points will be awarded for originality and clever or surprising uses of the prompt.

:bulletgreen: Must be a minimum of 800 words, and a maximum of 1,000.
:bulletgreen: You may only make one submission.

The folder you must submit to is called JUN 2013 CONTEST. Please submit before the due date, late submissions will not be considered.

As per usual these days, I'll be judging in the days after the contest closes.

1st Place: 3 Month Premium Membership
2nd Place: 100 Points

Good luck kids~ ;P Have some fun with this one, m'kay?
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        Skiing line whores with tight young bodies, pick from the litter and find the smart bitch, the nice bitch, the rich bitch itching for status and friends posting nonsense about the people of the light. Find your wife again and fuck her brains out until she claims your lost love bedding for another round of marriage, another round of fun riddled drama and jail visits with outrageous shrink bills, the petty and tragic permutations of genetic dice forming low lives and desperate snap chat gits. The natives who own the casinos of this valley warned me not to associate with you, just dedicate your time to raising your children and stacking your money up for the big move out of purgatory.
:iconkmnfive:kmnfive 0 0
Before The Dreams Burn To Ashes by wearartandliterature Before The Dreams Burn To Ashes :iconwearartandliterature:wearartandliterature 6 2 Let us be a positive thinker, let us see the burni by wearartandliterature Let us be a positive thinker, let us see the burni :iconwearartandliterature:wearartandliterature 10 3
:iconwearartandliterature:wearartandliterature 5 0
REMEMBER dedicated to my brother BRAVE MAN
:iconwearartandliterature:wearartandliterature 4 0
:iconwearartandliterature:wearartandliterature 9 8
Dirty Little Secret (Deadpool x Singer!Reader)
Dirty Little Secret
(Author's Note: I have not flagged this as mature because it's my first time writing Deadpool and it's not that bad, but come on, it's Deadpool. You know what you're getting into if you read a Deadpool story. You've been warned.)
“The first number tonight is going to be an oldie but goodie,” you announced as your band started the familiar tune.
You saw a red and black mask in the back of the room and you smirked. Oh, boy was he going to love this.
I go around a time or two, just to waste my time with you
Wilson didn't come to a lot of your shows. Mostly because of his job taking up so much of his time. But when he managed to come, he made it worth your while. In more ways than one.
When we live such fragile lives, it's the best way we survive
You were both terrible at keeping it quiet. He used to send you presents when he couldn't make your shows. Until he got the packages switched and ende
:iconskyphoenix13125:SkyPhoenix13125 83 16
+Kiss+ by larienne +Kiss+ :iconlarienne:larienne 4,982 234 The Revolt by shizen1102 The Revolt :iconshizen1102:shizen1102 596 52
Meant To Be
This hot and cold
Is tearing me apart
This yes then no
Is torturing my heart
I love you quite a lot
But I can't say it doesn't hurt
I love you more than anything
More than the universe
You say you love me too
But I can't help but doubt
Because I've been hurt before
But that's not what this poem is about
I need you to know
How much you mean to me
I need you to know
I think we're meant to be
:iconrhiannonh71:RhiannonH71 3 7
Personal Hell
I miss hearing your voice
I miss feeling your arms around me
I miss you being here
I miss being happy
Ever since you've gone
Things haven't been the same
You were my best friend
The one that kept me sane
When you left
You took a part of me with you
A part I can never get back
And now I don't know what to do
I miss laying on the kickball field
Counting all the airplanes
I miss baking cookies with you
And playing in the rain
I miss dancing in your kitchen
And singing in your room
I miss sneaking out at night
Just to go and see you
I miss the way you'd laugh at me
When I said something stupid
I miss how, even though it hurt you,
You'd always try and play cupid
I wish I'd known that you were hurting
I know I could have helped
But now I have to spend life
In my own personal hell
:iconrhiannonh71:RhiannonH71 2 4
The One That Got Away
I want to be the definition
Of everything you could possibly need
I want to be the one
That you are itching to see
I want to be that girl
That you can't get out of your head
I want to be the one
That you think about before you go to bed
I want to be the subject
Of your longing and desire
I want to be the drug
That takes you higher and higher
I want to be the person
That you turn to for comfort
I want to be the one
That takes away your hurt
I want to be that girl
That will forever stay
But instead, I guess I'll be
The one that got away
:iconrhiannonh71:RhiannonH71 1 3
Tsubasa no michi biki by Samscrapbook Tsubasa no michi biki :iconsamscrapbook:Samscrapbook 40 15 Shrine by Noizora Shrine :iconnoizora:Noizora 62 15 Pink forest - stock by Consuelo-Parra Pink forest - stock :iconconsuelo-parra:Consuelo-Parra 249 0 Megumin by VAP1draws Megumin :iconvap1draws:VAP1draws 412 44




The Editable Box of Terror 2013

WELCOME! We're TheScribblists, and our avatar pretty much describes what sort of a group we are! So sit back, relax, and enjoy some writing. :)

We have no rules when it comes to joining; anyone can become a member. You may post two deviations per day providing that they 1) are directed to the correct gallery folder, and 2) adhere to deviantART's deviation rules and Terms of Service.

For now, join up and have fun!

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