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Genetic Engineering

let me introduce you to the Hexadecaped Chicken. Made this in photoshop, the line here is from the show squidbillies :iconsquidbilliesplz:

background - [link] :iconsocsaint:

chicken - [link] :icondanielle:
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Then no feathers and beaks, spits Blue Cheese, and has celery sticks for limbs.
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what? somebody's going to fap to that, and we can't stop it unfortunately
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thus is the nature of the internet
You might not even need to modify any of the genes to accomplish something like this. It could possibly be as simple as over expressing a single gene that would cause a change like this like when sonic hedgehog is over expressed in hands it produces an extra finger. But then again I'm not an expert in chicken embryology so I couldn't say for sure if it could be accomplish so easily.
eight legs on a single chicken is that right?

no, DOUBLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!^^
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I think that episode's funny, in a sort of cringe-inducing way.

Dan Halen: "At last...the ultimate party platter: fifty flightless but delicious wings; legs made of crisp celery; bowels bursting with blue cheese! Now, sublime creature... DEFECATE YOUR HOME TO GOBOX!"
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Scientist: yeah n. Sorry, I'm gonna have to draw the line there
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Image is enough, thank you .
Fiona NL
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We can finally all get a leg!
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Just like the old joke, a drumstick for everybody!
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Human centipede??? lol
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i love squidbillies
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I'd say good idea, but you'd never be able to catch them to COOK them! Haha. Excellent for a family of 8!
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yeah but since it not natural for them to have so many legs, I'd imagine they'd be very uncoordinated and easy to catch :D
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Let's hope so! But I don't want my chickens tripping over their own feet and falling down dead before I'm ready to cook them. Like my meat FRESH, you get what I'm saying?
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yeah. they might be able to walk, all be it awkwardly. Its just running might be a problem
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Did you shoop that yourself?
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yeah, I really wanted to make sure it didn't get deleted
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So that's how the coronel got all that KFC :iconkfcplz:
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its finger licking good :D
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Longchicken is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.
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