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Patt Garrett char sheet
Name: Patrick Floyd ‘Pat’ Garrett
Nickname/Title: Sheriff of Lincoln County, Marshall (after 1879), Texas Ranger (after 1879)
Birth Date: June 5th, 1950
Current Age: 29 (in 1879)
Gender: male
Height: 1m90
Weight: 68 kg
Appearance: See depicted image(coat is black, trousers and undercoat are brown). Also wears Stetson hat and raincoat on occasion. Black hair and moustache (greying later on), brown eyes.
Pack of cigarillos, matches, belt of rifle or shotgun ammo (whichever applicable), holster belt with revolver bullets,
Weaponry Load-out:
Sharps rifle with .52 caliber bullets, Coach gun double barrelled shotgun with 12-gauge ammo, Colt Frontier Six Shooter with .44-40 winchester ammo.
Occupation:Bar tender, rancher, sheriff/law enforcer, later Marshall, Texas Ranger, and customs agent.
Biography: From wikipedia: Patrick "Pat" Floyd Garrett (June 5, 1850 – February 29, 1908) was
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Billy-Bob char sheet
Name: Clayton William Robert O’Donnelly
Nickname/Title: Irish Bob, Billy-Bob, Broke Billy/Broke Bob
Birth Date: 1856
Current Age: 23
Gender: male
Height: 1m81
Weight: 63 kg
Appearance: Confident stride and posture, upper neck length red hair usually unkempt, bright green eyes, facial hair varies between clean shaven and slight red stubble on chin and upper lip. Usually wears black denim pants with braces, brown rider’s boots with silver spurs, white cotton button shirt and black wool coat usually worn unbuttoned.
Flask of Scottish/English brand whiskey (when Scottish/English brand is available), two holster belts worn crossed over the waist with .44-40 bullets, ammo bandolier with .44-40 bullets.
Weaponry Load-out: Winchester rifle model 1873, two Remington Pattern (1863) pistols. Both models use .44-40 rounds, thus the rounds for the rifle and pistols are interchangeable.
Occupation: Take
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Diseased Paranoia Ch. 1
I sat at home flipping through scattered papers that had been laying on my desk for over 2 years. Some of the files were coffee stained from my carelessness, or the carelessness from the person I took them from. No I wouldn't count it as stealing...Just borrowed it and forgot to bring it back. I ran a hand through my soft shoulder length brown hair, it was one of those nights where you just couldn't sleep. Where something was on your mind and you just cant put your finger on it. I thought maybe looking through my old work stuff would help, but looking through all of it made me just to terrified to go try and sleep.  Old journal entries from a madman Dr. James Marcus. One of the founders of the bankrupt pharmaceutical company Umbrella. After the events of Raccoon city, no one bought any of the company's products and their stocks plummeted and soon they shut down. Well at least on the outside. I had a feeling that they were still working on their freak show experiments. 
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Mob, Zea and Sex
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More delays

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2009, 4:09 AM
This journal is by masked-racoon

Sorry guys about the lack of... well, anything going on here. I quite frankly just haven't had the time to do anything over the past two weeks, but I'll get something organised ASAP. Promise.

In the meantime feel free to browse minimidna's and tyrannusBE's galleries. There is a ton of cool stuff in there... a cyber ton of course :B

Anywho, sorry bout that. I'll get back to work with the CSS (It's to much fun to be work :D)

A journal by masked-racoon/Max


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Account re-opened due to petition :aww:

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