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I'm a retired Security Officer and K-9 Officer of almost 20 years experience and was once nominated for a Life-saving award for assisting in the rescue of a Mother and Child from drowning. I've spent a great deal of time studying history, with a passion for Military History and experience in Military Museums, and have gained a wide variety of information and skills. I love art and have taken many courses to this end, I am also a qualified Freelance Graphic Designer. In my spare time I collect Japanese Anime and Manga, and build large scale models for museum display.

I've won International Arts competitions (in traditional 2D arts), have been published in the cover CD for 3D Artist Magazine twice in the UK and once in France (in their sister magazine), have had articles and tutorials published in numerous other magazines, and have also done commissioned work for book cover illustrations and other graphic design projects. I've been lucky enough to have been featured as a DAZ Studio User story, and have been both a Featured Artist and Vendor in interviews on other sites. Most recently 1 of my 3D models was used to illustrate the new Robotech comics from Titan Comics, and I've continued to do work as a free-lance Graphic designer. In addition I've won numerous render challenges and special spotlights for my images, and am proud to be a sponsor and mentor for others in the 3D community...

I am a self-taught 3D Artist, having released my first freebie items in 2008, and I continue to work in the 3D community as a content creator. Having applied my arts skills and willpower to the task at hand, I'm hoping to blend my love of history with my arts to produce educational and fun models for everyone to enjoy!

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I'd just like to say thank-you to everyone that has followed my galleries or marked a favorite over the past few months... There have been so many of you and I am thankful for all your feed-back and support!
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My UNS Oriskany II is now available, the AUNS Kiev is pending sales approval, and all of the Macross/Robotech Fan Textures are uploaded and available as of now!
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The SMF-45 Vampyr is now also available from my ShareCG Store and it's add-on weapons expansions should be available by tomorrow as well!
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Hey guys, I just found these videos and I couldn't help but wonder whether they might be useful in giving new ideas of fictional Alternate History or AU armies based on German traditions. Usually when they go for fictional armies inspired by Germany, they went straight for either WW1 Imperial Germany and WW2 Nazi Germany which is pretty obvious and overdone by now.

These videos made me wonder if there is a third example (i.e. the Nationale Volksarmee or East German Army) which could be considered for fictional German-inspired armies be it in an AU WW2 setting or in a more modern setting. Maybe these videos could help give some new ideas?

"....The Nationale Volksarmee or East German Army looked very similar to the old Wehrmacht. In this film I explore why this happened and what kind of identity East Germany tried to create for its People's Army and how much it actually took from older German armies. The end result was a fascinating miss-mash of German military traditions and uniforms and a surprisingly efficient army...."

"....One building in Berlin has seen the same ceremonies and military guard duties performed since 1931, from the Weimar Republic, through the war, communist East Germany and after German reunification. The Neue Wache or "New Guardhouse" is where Germany has honoured its war dead since 1931, and it has been guarded by German Army units from four successive political regimes for over 80 years...."

Once I saw these videos, I couldn't help but conjure up mental images of alternate universe or alternate history Dieselpunk-themed (or late 1940s-1950s era) German Wehrmacht soldiers but dressed instead in East German Army uniforms and helmets, and armed with StG 44 assault rifles, Panzerfaust 250s (see Panzerfaust#Variants and RPG-2), MG42s, etc.

I could see the East-German army gear and uniforms (and traditions) being used in an alternate history "what-if" type scenario where the Wehrmacht was able to win in Africa/the Middle East and stalemated Russia on the Eastern Front and had been able to prolong the war past '45... I could also see it being used for scenarios where perhaps the Wehrmacht had been able to successfully win the war in Europe...

More than that actually. What I also meant was using the East-German army gear and uniforms (and traditions) to help create fictional armies and factions in alternate world-building/settings that are meant to be shout-outs or references to the real world Wehrmacht and fascist factions without relying on outright copying the original Interwar and WW2 sources (it's too obvious and done too many times).

One of my favourite examples is the 1995 film adaptation of Richard III by William Shakespeare, directed by Richard Loncraine and starring Ian McKellen. The costumes and heraldries give obvious reference to the Nazis and Wehrmacht but are still unique to the movie and British faction that wears them.


A Nazi by Any Other Name and Putting on the Reich: These tropes are both extensively used:

  • Richard and his followers grow increasingly nazi/fascist-like with each of their moves towards greater usurpation of power.

  • Richard's coronation scene was straight out of Triumph of the Will.

  • Quite a bit of the military equipment used by Richard's followers is a nazi-fied version of British gear and weaponry from the era. Cleverly enough, some uniform elements of Richard's faction take inspiration from those of the British Union of Fascists led by Oswald Mosley during the 1930s. And instead of a swastika, the white circle on Richard's flag displays his heraldic boar.

  • Conversely the Earl of Richmond's army resembles that of the British army during World War II. His preparation for the Battle of Bosworth Field appear similar to those prior to the D-Day landings. In addition his costume looks influenced by the appearance of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.


Another example comes from the game, Führerreich: Legacy of the Great War, which presents in-game Adam Dressler and the Valkists.

The Valkists are a clear stand-in for the Nazis, and many real life high-level Nazis are Valkists in this timeline. However, outside of being both ultranationalist, revanchist dictatorships, the Valkists are far more socially progressive and tolerant towards minorities than the Nazis are (they defend socially progressive ideals, including rights for women, LGBT people and non-whites). Thus, they have no reason to commit an atrocity akin to The Holocaust.

The Valkists' social policies are more in line with those of Fascist Italy, focusing more on a unified culture than ethnicity. They are also totalitarian, revanchist ultranationalists who will send thousands to their deaths to make Germany great again through military conquest, and force everyone conquered by them to adapt the superior German culture.

These two titles really interest me as they reminded me of other fiction titles that adopted the A Nazi by Any Other Name and Putting on the Reich tropes.

Star Wars also used stylized Nazi/Wehrmacht uniforms for the Imperials...

I just found this and thought you might be interested in its Dieselpunk themes.

That was pretty awesome, thanks for the link!

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