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Banana Via // HOT GARABAGE by TheSaltQueen Banana Via // HOT GARABAGE :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 5 6 F-ailure Rex (Part 2) by TheSaltQueen F-ailure Rex (Part 2) :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 3 1 Crystal Eyed Queen must Slayy by TheSaltQueen Crystal Eyed Queen must Slayy :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 4 0 When it says 'Octo' but it's a squid by TheSaltQueen When it says 'Octo' but it's a squid :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 1 0 Pastel Trash by TheSaltQueen Pastel Trash :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 2 0 Ji-Eun (Digital OC) by TheSaltQueen Ji-Eun (Digital OC) :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 3 0 MUAHAHAHAHAHA (Digital Art Redraw) by TheSaltQueen MUAHAHAHAHAHA (Digital Art Redraw) :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 1 0
OC Template (Made by me)
SIDE NOTE: This is an OC template that is overly detailed so feel free to make changes to it. Also you don't have to credit me or ask to use it, but don’t take credit for it though T~T. Tbh I kind made this for myself but I'm sharing it w/ you guys too! Enjoy~
Nicknames(and who were they given by):
Hair color:
Hair style:
Eye color:
Resting Face (I.e. Sad, Bitchy, etc.):
Skin color:
Aura (How is the atmosphere around her/him/them?):
Birthmarks/Beauty marks?:
Close Friends/Good Friends:
Distant Friends/Acquaintances:
Enemies/Who she/he hates:
Goals (What does he/she want to do):
Talents (What are they good at):
Lover/Crush (specify; is it their crush, or their partner)
Current home:
Theme Song? (if so, what is it):
Quotes/Sayings (What quotes do they like, or have made):
Love T
:iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 0 3
abSINthe (these puns be sad) // OC Profile
Template Originally by: Catzrule12
Edited a bit by: TheSaltQueen
Name:  Absinthe Alai ( ab-sin-th // a-lie
Alias’: Wednesday, Abby Alei
Nicknames: Sinthey (other demons), WEEKling (rude demons), Addams (annoying people), Abby (Human Alias)
Eye Color: Ember
Hair Color: Black with Ember Tips (in human form) Black with dog heads with ember eyes at the end ( Regular form )
Height: 5’1
Species: Shift Demon (A demon that can change behaviour, and appearance to get what it wants)
Gender: Interchangeable but most of the time Female
Age: 110
Birthday: September 13
Special abilities: Shape shifting, Able to seduce like a succubus, Can Change genders, Can speak to Cerberus, Memory Wipe
Family: John (adoptive father// Resurrected), Elizabeth (John’s wife//Resurrected)
Likes: Dogs (of any kind or evolution// Wolves, Hyena, etc.), Power,  Cerberus, Lucky Charms (cereal), Venus, Aliens, Supernatural things, Conspiracy Theories, Theorizing, Theories, Devil Food, Deviled egg
:iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 0 0
( OC Profile ) Toby Sumaki
Name: Toby Sumaki
Nickname(s): Oby-1,Maki, Tobina,Bitch Boy, Toby-maki, Sumaki-sama, Tombstone, TS, String Bean, Wussy,Girl Boy, Mama's boy, Little Bitch,Wannabe,Pussy boy, Cinnamon Roll, Cutie, Friendo,Buddy,Chum,Pal, Home slice,Breadslice,Doggo,
Age: 17
Gender: M
Species: Human
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Orange
Height: 5’8
Weight: 150 lbs
Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: N/A
Weapon(s): N/A
Birth town: London, England
Previous towns: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Current town: Los Angeles, California
History: When Toby was a child he was taken care of very well but his parents were unloving towards him. Sure they fed him and gave him everything he needs to survive but they didn't give him anything he wanted. They were very Cold and never talked to him but they loved his brother, Rob. They gave him everything he wanted and was very loving and supportive towards him. Sometimes Toby’s parents would talk about him behind his back to his own twin brother, Rob. Yeah Toby loved Rob
:iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 0 0
Omi Sadoka Oni-Chan (Colors in Description) by TheSaltQueen Omi Sadoka Oni-Chan (Colors in Description) :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 2 1 F-aliure ( The F-Rex ) by TheSaltQueen F-aliure ( The F-Rex ) :iconthesaltqueen:TheSaltQueen 1 0
I made these, they're cool...I think. So if you like them follow me on DA!



Sorry I've been gone so long and haven't posted but idk what I should do because it's pretty frustrating tryin' to do digital art and failing miserably...any suggestions/tips?
I have a Wattpad that I forgot to link here hehehehehehe

Click Here:…
Banana Via // HOT GARABAGE
Omgggggggggggg I took like 2 hours on this (mostly because I had trouble trying to use Krita) happy cry XD 

Tbh I'm kind of proud of this because it came out pretty well compared to other trash drawings I made on it :thinking: 

I used a Wacom Intuos and Krita to make this :P Hope you enjoy! And let me know if I should make a full bio-sheet on this character!

SIDE NOTE: I called this banana Via because when I made this she looked like a banana sorta. _-_....Again, enjoy! Pixel icon - Banana - F2U 
Sorry I haven't been uploading peeps! My tablet broke and I only really knew how to draw on there but I have a computer now, and I'll try making art on it! Sad Spoop  Also I'm obsessed with Dangan Ronpa that's a thing Monokuma (Blush) [V1] pls clean yourself Yukizome Chisa Angry Nagito is pissed Kokichi cries Himiko Cries Kaede Smiles  


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i am always supa thirsty because of all the salt seeping through my pours


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