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2014 Sailor Wars will open soon! Please read the Rules and Submission Guidelines below.  The 2014 contestants folder opening time will be announced soon (time zone converter).

1. Contestants should not share their battle date with anyone, including other contestants.  No one should know who is going to battle until the date it starts!
2. You can edit your profile and picture up until the day of your battle.  Once your battle begins you cannot make any changes to the profile or image.  Changes to your profile during battle will result in a forfeit.
3. If you win your battle, you will advance onto the next level in the contest.  I will tell you the date of your next battle and you can update the profile and image up until that date.
4. Players CANNOT vote in battles where their character is a contestant. However, feel free to participate in other battles!
5. Do not actively campaign for votes.  No asking people to vote for you, no bribing, no trading votes ("I will vote for you if you vote for me" is out).  You can publicize the contest and say you character is in it, but you shouldn't encourage people to vote one way or the other.

Voters are expected to vote your conscious. What does that mean?  You should be voting for the character that you like the most!  This is a democratic process.  You might like the creator's development style or maybe you love their design and power relationship.  You might approach each battle as an actual versus match and decide based on their powers who would win in an actual fight.  Whatever the reasons, they are your own.  However, I do ask that you try not to allow personal bias towards the creator to sway you.  Let the character stand on her own!

Every battle will have a Group Poll.  The results of the Poll are going to decide who wins. Voters are strongly encouraged to leave feedback on the contestant's Deviation with tips and ideas for their character development.

Everyone leaving critique and feedback on contestant profiles should do so in a helpful and respectful way.  If you need tips on how to give helpful feedback feel free to ask me!

I started a folder for art and stories that you guys might want to create in relationship to the battles.  Both contestants and voters can submit to this folder.  You can post images or stories of your characters getting ready for battle, detailed accounts of a battle, or basically any creative thing related to The Sailor Wars.  Please be sure that anything you create for this fun section of the contest doesn't give away and details about your upcoming battles.

As always, if there are any questions please reply here or note me!  :eager:  I'm SO EXCITED!

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