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Welcome to The Sailor Wars!

The original Sailor Wars game used to run on but ended when I ran out of time to keep up with it. Thanks to DA’s group system and your awesome donations, we can get this fun contest running again after many years of hiatus!


Submissions for the 2012 Sailor Wars are closed! The 2012 war starts Feb 29!

The Spirit of the Game is very important! The goal of The Sailor Wars is to connect fan senshi creators with fan senshi fans and share our love of character creation. Creators should come into the games understanding they will get critique and feedback on their characters. They should be prepared to use it or leave it as they see fit without taking other’s opinions personally. Fans should be ready and willing to give their opinions on the characters but always do so in a manner that is respectful and helpful. Together we can make The Sailor Wars just as fun as ever!

1. The Sailor Wars is a contest for FUN. The Spirit of the Game must be kept in mind at all times. There is no prize for winning The Sailor Wars - it’s all about the journey!

2. The character you enter must be of your own creation. This includes the design and the profile. If you have adopted the design or character info from another person then it cannot be entered into the contest.

3. You cannot submit teams or multiple forms of one senshi - only one senshi in one form per entry.

4. Your sailor senshi must have a Basic Profile to be entered in The Sailor Wars. A Basic Profile consists of the sections found in this template. For the initial Trials of the contest you can ONLY use this basic format. If and when your character progresses into the Rounds you will be able to edit and add as much detail to your profile as you see fit. For more help on developing your character's profile, visit Create Your Own Otaku Senshi.

5. The image of your character may be created by another artist so long as you have that artist's permission to use it in the contest, that artist is fully credited in the Description, AND the artist did not have any part in creating the design of the character. Images made from dollmakers are acceptable for this contest as long as the appropriate credit is given.

STEP 1. Those wishing to enter their character into The Sailor Wars should submit their character to the Literature > Characters & Settings > Sci-Fi & Fantasy > Profiles section of DA.

STEP 2. Under the “Which File?” section of the submission page, click on “Add Text” and put your character’s profile there. You can use the HTML tags listed at the bottom to format your profile (and it is recommended that you do so for easier reading).

STEP 3. After submitting your text you will be prompted to upload a Preview image. This is where you should put the image of your character.

STEP 4. Fill out the Description section with anything you want to say about the contest, your character, etc. Be sure to give credit to the artist if the image you are using was created by someone else.

STEP 5. Join this group and submit your character's profile to the 2012 Sailor Wars Contestants folder in our gallery.

STEP 6. Wait until your submission is accepted then relax until the battle lines are drawn! :evillaugh:

Battle Rules and Info can be found in this blog.

Any questions? Please ask here!


True Sailor Xarmina's Profile
Tahira Messina
(virginal; pure) (middle)
9th Day of the 10th month in the Xarminian Calendar
White (2 spirals in the front and 2 in the back)
Medium brown
5'3" (160cm)
140 lbs  
Short, average muscles, a nice curved body
19 on her planet, 18 by Earth's standards
Symmetry and balance, things like butterflies and tigers. Meeting people and learning about them. She likes relaxing sounds of nature and classical music, and reading books about useless information. "Did you know guinea pigs and rabbits can't sweat?"
Loud noises. Tension or arguing, she wants people to get along despite differences. She dislikes when people are narrow minded or stubborn.
Tahira is polite, friendly, and kind. She doesn't like to get in the way of other people but sometimes does so without realizing it. Most time

Congratulations to Sailor Xarmina (and Skull-Bunneh!), the 2014 Sailor Wars Champion!

Xarmina won her final battle against Sailor Argentum in the Sailor Wars final battle and she advances into the Hall of Fame! :happybounce:

Thank you all for playing this year! :hug:  

I am very sorry about the long delays towards the end of the games this year. I had a baby and mucai had some personal responsibility that popped up unexpectedly. I thought about closing the group, but I think I'd like to try to keep it going with some additional people to help run it. Keep an eye out for a forthcoming journal if you're interested in helping!!

Thanks everyone for playing this time around. :D We'll hopefully be able to get a new game going soon!
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how many senshi are we allowed to enter?
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Stay tuned to the journals for updates when we start accepting new characters for battle :D
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