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September 12, 2006
liquisoft is an icon in the design community. After checking the work that's been honored here at dA, I realise that Ryan has grown far beyond that and only continues to produce QUALITY work. Sony Proposal Booklet by °liquisoft receives recognition so the rest of the community can see quality design for high profile clients looks like. These collection of literature layout just shows a level of committment every designer should have. With that said, those into design, take a look but don't just say wow, try to learn from this design.
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Sony Proposal Booklet



Over at Strata, we've built a little pitch for Sony with the desire of being their agency of choice for some web-based work. Although I can't show you the final layouts with our strategies and whatnot, I can show some of the spreads I designed for our proposal booklet.

When you think of a proposal, you probably think of a little packet bound by Kinkos, which is basically a print of a Word document. We're not like that, though, and we know Sony's not like that. So, I designed the overall look and feel of the booklet before we had content to lay out, taking direction from the general style of Instead of this being a boring proposal, it is now designed to mimic a product catalog or a sales brochure.

The following are my favorite spreads out of this 80+ page booklet. Enjoy.
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