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RI Stationery

This is a stationery system I designed for an offshoot of Strata that focuses on promotional items.

The concept going into this system is to do something that its recipients wouldn't have seen before. Hence, I used very dynamic angles, diecuts, and bleeds to make something memorable. All of this is a 2-color job, too.

The business cards are actually the same size as regular biz cards, except they have an angled die cut that makes them more interesting. They'll still fit in wallets and card holders. There is also a registered emboss on the exclamation in the R.

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:clap: awesome job :clap:
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FEARLESS design.
This is the type of works that BREAKS and kickout the traditional. Goes BEYOND without FEAR, an innovative and modern purpose with the ellegance and basic graphic design rules.

I've said.
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you had a great idea with these curves
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Really nice design. I love the embossed "!" and all that with 2 colors is awesome. Wouldn't that funky cut cost more?

It's worth it probably to have a unique design, just curious as to how they'd be cut that way.
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Costs? :D
what price would you pay for this cards :) maybe I could pay 15 usd by 100, no more (just because the engraved ! ) could be interesting to know the costs of the cards by 100 pieces. we sometimes deliver cards using 2 colours and a golden graved :confused:
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Yes, the cut does cost more.
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the design is very cool and sleek. I'm really feeling this creative.
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Very sexy indeed!
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interesting work I say.
like the way the card is cut.
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Strangely the envelope is my favorite thing there. :) All of it looks good, but there's something awesome about the envelope. :P
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I like it too.
In every instance I wanted to do something people wouldn't expect. The logo being tilted and bleeding off the envelope is a great example of a creative solution that is really easy to produce.
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Very nice colors .
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Impressive. I really like the angle and diecut. It's so cool how something so simple could make such a dramatic difference to the ho-hum. I also like how you didn't stick to have all the type going in the same direction that's certainly something I am and have been working on.

Good work and good luck with your new job. Strata must have been sadden to see you go.
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The more odd typographic treatments cause people to interact with the work more. They have to turn it on its side to read little bios and quotes, and it makes the work more memorable. And yes, simple little things can have huge impacts.

Strata was sad to see me go, but they'll be fine. We found a talented girl to take my place, and I think she'll do well.
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like the colours,
the logo isnt yours right!? nayway...
.. dont you think that if the R in the logo was fliped vertically it would be better, once it is Rapid Impact and not Impact Rapid..
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The logo isn't mine, no.
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i figured! ;) the rest is nice!
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Ooh, it's nice and funky.
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