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The task I was given was to come up with a method of symbolizing the intangible. Points are not standard currency, but they are tradable goods. The end result are icons which evoke a tangible feel and look like something you'd happily give and receive. The + symbolism in each Point suggests their purpose, and the end result degrades down well into one color without losing its meaningful and unique form factor.
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Hello there! is it okay to recolor your icon ":points:" ? i will credit you of course 
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They remind me of sushi rice balls :D Such an amazing design!
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want some points? share this 1st [link]

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Have a look at my redesign of them and tell me what you think! Click below where it says 'gallery' and click on 'Points redesigned', commment if you like it. Btw I kinda based it on Microsoft ModernUI (not many colours or gradients, simple shapes etc.) Never knew that you designed the points logo! Did you also design the pixel one - :points: ?
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can i usse this an id pleeeeeeeeeeeeease
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were u commissioned to do this?
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Not exactly. I work at deviantART.
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OMG r u serious! Thats so cool!
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I fell in love with this design when I first saw it. It is indeed brilliant execution! They kind of remind me of those paper cogs that kids used to play with when I was little. They are tradable but not a legitimate currency outside of their mechanism. Way to go!
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Great logo design

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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give me some points pls.
TheRyanFord's avatar
Earn them, by cleaning my rain gutters.
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fine, tell me where you live and the next time i'll stay in front of your door.
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Wanna have a chance to win 400 points?Just give me 4 points and fill out a BINGO card.Submit the BINGO card and wait for me to give out numbers and you might WIN!!!:eager:
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I love how you do the points =3
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very nice, when i first saw this i thought "i wonder who made that?" - i probably could have guessed it was you ;)
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