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Liquisoft Icons

By TheRyanFord
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Many of you probably have these icons sitting on your desktop. They were originally created by myself from parts of famous (or infamous) images I've created over the years.
In 2002, James Sutton uploaded them, as I made him responsible for tweeking the final ico files so they were error-free.
Being that DeviantART has experienced a few server problems here and there, I'm reuploading them so that they may once again be available on DeviantART.
© 2003 - 2021 TheRyanFord
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I clicked "Random Deviation" and I ran into this for the 2nd time today. Wow, what are the odds of that?
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Superb.Great work:D
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I wanted to thank you for those icons I love them any way great work.
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sweet, i like these.
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These are awesome!
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Wonderful iconset :)
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What program do you need to get these to run? How do I install these?
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Very cool. They're are pretty unique looking.
Nice job.
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awesome icons, I used them for very long time

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Again more fantastic icon!! I'm so hungry for this kind of stuff! :D
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I've had this gasmask on my desktop for so long I forgot where it came from.
Thank you for these wonderful icons. :D
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ICONS! Wheee! ^^;
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simple elegance...charm. classic icons youve got, you really do have a very unique flair about this collection. only one that doesnt really appeal to me to any great level is the gas mask, but only because it reminds me too much of half life or something similar. perhaps minus the spikes it would seem a little more appropriate for the theme of curves etc seen in the other icons. i think this shall accompany one of your many beautiful wallpapers on my XP desktop.
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Hard to say which id my favorite of the bunch but I lean towards butterflygemthing which looks linke an ill gas mask. The others are very cool indeed. +fav
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i really wish i could use these, but i have xp, and i dont know how to do it anymore without a prog...:sniffle:
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this is awesome... I especially like the mechabug icons... The olives are great too, especially the reflection on the ground.....
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Gravy, I have requested these be reuploaded twice.
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Very nice icons ryan. Just beautiful...

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