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Logo concept for an advertising project that went unused.

Integration is of a standard symbolic human figure (wearing a tie) and a match with a flame.

(Made some edits to reflect suggestions).
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Allow me to begin by pointing out that the overall use and positioning of shapes here is quite nice. I like how you've combined three concepts into one: the match and the flame, the man with a tie, and the shape of an 'H' (from 'hothead') coming from the man's body.
Having said that, some of the spaces between the shapes could use some adjusting. For example, the room you've left between the man's neck and the tip of the match is almost invisible compared to the sizing of the rest of the logo. Because the tip of the match is not connected to the rest of it, I'd suggest at least lessening that space by 10-20%, because it seems unnecessarily large (seeing as there's no need for your eye to be drawn there). With those changes, you might also make that 'H' (from 'hothead') more visible. I do however, like how you've positioned and sized the flame.
I'm tempted to point out that the colors could use some change. Although the reds you used (on the tip of the match and on the flame) are quite nice, the single hue of navy blue (pun intended) is a tad bit too dark and unappealing. Perhaps a more vivid, but still dark, blue would have worked better.
And as for the font you used, I'm unsure about what to say. I don't like rounded fonts per sé (Comic Sans totally ruined most of them for me), but I see how they might work well here. I also can't think of a much better alternative, except maybe something more along the lines of Fertigo Pro. Additionally, the text itself could be closer to the image itself, because when you look at the image (that's what your eyes are attracted to, first thing), you have to almost intentionally look downwards to read the text. It would be nicer to be able to analyze both at the same time.
In summary, the concept is amazing and the final output is stunning. This is one hot (extremely bad pun intended) logo!
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how you make a man with flaming head , could you share the idea i like you logo thanks
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The tie/match part being white looks weird to me as far as perspective, etc. Other than that...pretty cool.
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Nice, hadn't seen this one.

I like the type pretty much actually.

If I had to pick on something... I'd go for the shape of the suit, personally I would have gone for a little more sleek shape rather than bulky, trying to cut it in concavely on the sides of the H/suit and curving the white part of the tie a little, as an extra detail, but I'd focus on reducing the thickness of the suit somehow.

I like it in general as it is though, I think the gradient fits pretty well.
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looks great! I like a lot the concept and the colours.
I would maybe replace the O of hot with the flame you used in the logo. I guess the typo would fit better then :P
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That would be redundant.
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I just think the typo doesn't really fit now and I thought this might be a possibility to change that. But, yeah, you're right, after all it won't make it any better.
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looks better now, did you tried putting the tie more up ? almost going out of the blue part ? just a tought since it doesn't look much as a tie for me as it is. Keep doing great work.
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with the editing it has become much better
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sorry for the unusefull comment, pressed enter accidently.

the colors are good, the matchstick is much clearer now, the only thing in my opinion that could be changed is the body of the figure itself, i personally would go for a 'v' shape.

the typography is in balance with the concept, but their's something missing; a slogan would fill it up a bit.

i hope you dont mind this comment, just gave some suggestions that i would do personally
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The problem with this is that traditional stick figure illustrations have their heads above the body rather than within. Have you tried going that route?
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The text fits better, but the human shape still isn't all too visible. :noes: The colors seem smooth, though.
The shirt idea you've got now doesn't really make the person stand out. Perhaps making him taller and more human-shaped would be in order. Or maybe make the flame and the H the main focuses, rather than the flame and the person. :shrug:
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I also see the letter H in there, lovely!
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very nice combination, clever :)
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This is awesome, love the concept. Don't really like the typography though, it doesn't match the theme of "heat" and "fire".
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It certainly grabs you, but I wish the image behind it was a bit clearer. Without the description I was totally lost. VBAadmin already pointed out my qualms.
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Awesome job!
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The human body is not clear for me when i saw the logo ... actually i had to read your note it to figure it out ... when my eyes saw this the human body was like an ''A'' letter for me ..the tie shape is not very clear...
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firstly i just saw the match head on top of a blue square not the human thing ^^
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The bottom part of the tie should have been tan or brown in color to make it look more like a match. Use the right shade of tan/brown and it would even have matched the red match head.

Other then that, it's a neat concept and looks pretty good.

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Hah! This is awesome.

The only suggestion I have is that everything is too rounded, and stylized, even the typeface, and doesn't yell 'hothead' at me.

I'd say it needs more sharp edges and triangles. Maybe the collar could have been triangular, that would add 'edginess' to the character, make it feel more fiery, and make the match head feel more like a suit tie.

Nevertheless, it's an awesome concept and I like it!
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I don't want to add so much as to be a critique, but for me, I didn't really see the match until i read the description. Also, the H seems a bit wide. Very clever with the design as usual, keep em coming
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This is really clever! I do have a few things to add as a critique:

As much as I love the flame, the radial gradient doesn't run too well with me. I would at least shift the center point down so that it's just out of sight, and it would look a bit smoother. The tie is a nice idea, but I don't like the red on navy contrast. If I hadn't read your description I wouldn't have recognized the match before the tie. I think it would be easier to realize this connection if the flame was closer to the head of the match (or knot), by reducing the white space between the "head" and the "body".
At first I felt that I'd prefer the font to line up with the edges of the graphic, but I appreciate the soft roundness of the whole logo, and I don't think it's necessary to give it a "sharper" appearance by further boxifying it, so to speak.

Without any changes this is still an awesome and effective logo with great use of shapes and minimalism!
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