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As you might suspect, FonceFoundry is a tiny side project I'm working on. In the future I plan on releasing my typefaces and fonts through FonceFoundry, and perhaps later down the road I can expand it into a design studio of sorts. As for now, it remains a side project being worked on here and there (whenever time opens up).

The logo you see is a visual representation of the Swiss design style I tend to find myself falling into. Using Fonce for the logotype (modified, of course), and using a modification of a shield I've used before, this logotype is both stylish and graphic enough to suit my tastes. What's more, it's a 2-color logo and thus easier to produce.
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dpcdpc11Professional Interface Designer
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expoblastProfessional Interface Designer
Exelent logo, i add your logo in this news [link] !
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CKo93 Interface Designer
Nice job, as usual
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looks great.
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wilsonincProfessional Interface Designer
lovely use of red! :D not so sure of the typo treatment
elusive's avatar
Nice logo :)
inde-blokcrew's avatar
inde-blokcrew Interface Designer
realy nice logo, welldone man.
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I like it. Not completely sure why but I must be Fonce. I think it's growing on me...I might just have to purchase it :shakefist:
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That's pretty sweet.
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nedw Interface Designer
watch the kerning between the F's and the O's...

otherwise, it's 'nice'
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Very pleasing to the eye. If I ever need a logo or anything of the graphics genre you'll defiantly be #1 on the list.
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TheRyanFordProfessional Interface Designer
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designcodeHobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome work.
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sweet like chocolate.

im loving it.

a rolling stone.

colours are most edible.
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ejayneHobbyist Digital Artist
You're too brilliant.
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afz Interface Designer
The shield and the type look very good. The thing that I'm not so sure about is the plus.

Reason being is that your almost giving the wrong idea about what the project will be. A plus symbol inside red is 'generally' for a help, emergency or something of the sort.
I realise your going for a swiss theme it which case the white plus inside red makes perfect sense, but for other people the purpose may be lost. If it is going to be type based maybe another symbol could work, say a T, A, or something to represent font or design.
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lunatisHobbyist Digital Artist
Mr. Ford,

I really like your project idea, it would be great to see such a good addition to the www. I am, myself, working on such logo for a friend of mine dealing with paper.

Anyway, I like the idea of using that style. You should look at some references of renaissance authors of those nature patterns. French renaissance, is that it? Anyway... Those were mostly seen on architecture in europe during that particular era. It's strongly inspired by the gothic / italian style.

There are many interesting things you might realize if you read a little more about that, and as stupid as it seems - I see you use the little nature patterns next to your swiss banner - you might find a few tricks to make your logo stand-out even more.

Oh and I like the whole thing between, it's just a comment you know ;)

Hope to hear news about your project soon!
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valkyre Interface Designer
Simple and smooth. The white and red really stand out.
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nice, clean job.
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Not sure about the N in "FONCE", but I do like the combined UN in "FOUNDRY".

The logo itself looks like it would suit something related to first aid more than a type foundry, however.
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Trendy design!
kwedo's avatar
isn`t it to shiny for swiss design?

anyway love the foncesans, good luck with foundary!
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kochoProfessional Interface Designer
What would be exciting is if you did something really bad for a change.

Stupid consistencey :)
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TheRyanFordProfessional Interface Designer
I have plenty of horrible ideas. I just try not to show them off. That's the trick. ;)
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