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Fonce Sans Regular_Prototype

By TheRyanFord
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Get the full version of Fonce Sans for just $15! Click Here to visit the product page.

Fonce Sans is an all-original sans serif typeface which I spent several months designing. Since August of 2005, I have been releasing screenshots and demos of the typeface to get feedback, and I believe I am at the point where I can release the face to everybody.

The typeface includes old style (hanging) numbers, a ton of english and non-english lettering, some additional symbols, complete punctuation, and more stuff I doubt anyone will need (but hey, it's there).

What did I change since the last release? X-height is adjusted a bit more, some numbers have slight tweaks, the weight on the question mark and some other glyphs has been adjusted, and I've added more symbols. No more updates unless I do major changes.

Download the Zip, inside which is an OTF file. OTF (open typeface) is cross-platform, so PC users shouldn't have trouble.

Recent Update: I've added better inherent kerning metrics to the typeface, adjusted some letterforms like m, n, a, b, d, c, e, o, h, i, j, y, x, s, t, l, g, p, q, and more. These updates are tiny but important, and based upon some suggestions from Doyald Young, Leah Hofmitz, and Chesley Nassaney. If you know who Doyald Young is you get a cookie. Anyway, I would suggest downloading the new version if you want to stick with what I feel is the best final look for the typeface. Oh, and thanks for all of the downloads, comments, favs, and thanks for the DD!</sub>
© 2005 - 2021 TheRyanFord
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nice font with good potential
do you plan to release italic (and bold) ?
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Are you a child? Please exit the internet.
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I love how the font says "Demo Version" all over. Makes me want to buy it! :)
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wow awesome thank you for the font
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Used here: [link]

Amazing font, btw.
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Nice font,
I also use this in my notes.
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Used your font here: [link]
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you should make a mono-spaced version!
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I've been learning a bit about typography, and while looking for fonts, ran into this. Very nice! I hope I find a use for it soon.
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Glad you like it!
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According to the below comment the vowels are supposedly missing.
I noticed in your preview there are some pretty noticeable kerning issues in copy especially with the vowels where you list the benefits (i.e. between the 'b' an 'e' of benefit and 'o' and 'r' of normal)
When you setting the type did you use optical or metric kerning. Just want to get some info before purchasing the font...
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It's a trial version, hence it is missing some of the characters. The full version is available on
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love the curves
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This font is darn right elegant. It looks simple, unique and very easy to read. Nice work! :lol:
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thanks for sharing this! Great font.
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I just thought I ought to comment here and say your Fonce Sans Pro family of fonts are excellent, I bought them and use them in numerous deviations. Not quite sure why I like them but just to say that I do =D
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