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This is a reimagining of ExploreAnywhere's previous logo.

ExploreAnywhere didn't want to venture too far from the identity they already have, but knew they needed something fresher and more professional-looking.

This identity takes symbols present in the original logo (globe, magnifying glass) and turns them into a bolder and more iconographic logo.
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This is a great improvement over the original.
Good job!
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It looks a bit like a grenade when scaled down, that's the only problem I can see, other than that, super hot, love the use of typo to keep things clean.
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really well done... simple, tells the story efficiently... the gradient is subtle and used really well... :clap:
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You did a great job in improving the previous logo. This logo will be a lot more recognizable especially in small sizes.
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nice. i like it better than their previous logo. modern and bold works.
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better... ow yeah!

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Looks great. The only thing I'm wondering about is why you used a gradient? Just interested... ^^
And it surely is much cleaner than the last version.
Though the globe seemed more like a globe in the previous version.
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Very nice. A grand improvement on the previous.
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Great change, and B-positive may have a point.
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I like it, the symbol is geat, but I think you are going to have a problem when you use this in a monochrome version, I feel that the 2 words should be different weight, or just with a space between them.
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it's so much better, this one looks more professional.
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this one is much nicer
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Nice use of negative space, I love how I can see the stroke of the magnifying glass.
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Looks awesome man.
Gotham is a good font. Feels nice and contemporary.
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