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Sort of an amalgamation of a wallpaper from Veer, my font, and the de-facto Mac OSX wallpaper.
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i want your desktop? how 2 get it? ^^ talking about dock, the other scripted stoff above dock and your window-style :)
love your wallpaper
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I love this wallpaper, can you sent it to me?
heres my email
I loved the whole composition and the typography is superb. Could you tell me wich one u used?
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Was custom type. ;)
congratz, its awesome =)
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Thank you. I am going back to school and getting my head from the recesses of my shell. See you peeps at the top.
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Dude. Am i the only one who knows where the wallpaper is from??

there's two versions here. the blueness of your version here is from something like PS i presume? :0
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Most people don't bother reading the Artist's Comments, where I clearly explain where it came from.
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this has to be my favorite quote of the day.
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weird, my brother's name is ryan ford (his first name being ryan, and his last being ford :P)

aside from that being very random, i love the simplicity :D
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beautiful font, which one is it?
numb3r-sev7n's avatar
Nice wallpaper where did you found it? Because I love it!
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amazing got a link to the wp? :)
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i have to disagree..

.. i think you MUST design with the minimal type as possible..

just my opinion...

but i really like your art..
you are FODA!
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What's the @ in the menubar for?

And I know you're not giving out this wallpaper - but why?
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can you email or send me the wallpaper, just the background wallpaper nothing else, it looks like a normal mac wallpaper but made darker, i just like the color and darkness.

did you make it yourself?
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True, true...
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where can I get the wallpaper?
the typeface is duh bomb.
has it been made available to the unwashed masses? i'm on an eeevil windows box.
nice work.
Wow i love the wallpaper, what is the name of the font ??? please tell me
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