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I managed to get a little bit of free time today, and although I had a few things I could tackle I really wanted to re-address the Creative Logo I and $endosage had put together a few weeks back.

A lot of people had some comments about how the old factory idea wasn't working. I think we all knew it wasn't; we just wanted to see how people reacted to it.

Back to today, I recalled a comment somebody made about them thinking about the Creative team more as master craftsmen, and so I began exploring tools that craftsmen used. First I looked at a whittling tool, but I soon found that an illustration of it in a simplified form looked like a screwdriver. So that didn't work. Shortly thereafter I thought about a compass and a paintbrush merged together, and illustrated that idea. It was too complex, so I scrapped the thing and started over using just simple shapes. The end result is what you see here.

The Concept
The idea behind this is quite simple: precision art. It's what we do as designers and creative people. Every piece of art we make is built to serve a purpose, and all of us are very obsessed with pixel perfection. I feel pretty strongly that this logo suits us very well and I'm quite happy with it.

Tweaked a bit to provide for better balance and a stronger nib.
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Without a doubt, this version of the Creative logo is my favorite!

First off, I like for its simplicity. I had to stare at the factory logo for several seconds before I realized what it was. Before I even opened the deviation and was staring at the thumb in my message center, I knew what it was and could easily identify the pieces that made it up.

Secondly, I like the obvious indications in this logo that Creative is artistic. While there were artistic indications in the dripping paint of the factory logo, the paintbrush in this logo truly drives home the idea of Creative being about art.

My only critique on this logo would be about the other side of the drafting compass. While I have not had a chance to measure both sides, the paintbrush side looks longer than the needle side. I think that the concept of precision would be intensified even further if the needle side was a few pixels longer.