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Catch 22 Gun

By TheRyanFord
So for one of my classes we were asked to create an image that displayed a catch 22. We could not include any sort of explanation or story with it. It had to visibly be a catch 22.

This was tough. Out of 14, or so, people, only 4 came close to making an actual catch 22.

This was my attempt. I decided to use the gun I had started working on about a year ago, but finish it up more. It's not fantastic, but it looks pretty good...especially considering my previous attempt had some file problems and became unusable, requiring me to redraw what I already drew.

Anyway, a Catch 22, for those unfamiliar, is (in a nutshell) a situation where "you're damned if you do and damned if you don't." If you take my gun, let's aim it at someone. See how that works? Another good one was my friend Leizl's; she drew a life preserver made out of bricks.
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ahh the gun of bad luck brian
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
....great for ambushes when you get to the "T" junction....
strongbad-joe132's avatar
How would you shoot that without killing yourself in the process?
Hoborginc's avatar
You're under no obligation to load the second cylinder.
TheRyanFord's avatar
I love this comment.
BattlefieldArt's avatar
Now that is a double action revolver literally.
Daedor's avatar
Karma, anyone?
68Dusty's avatar
well... that looks uncomfortable! you should definitely work on the ergonomics XD
Ionosphere-Negate's avatar
beastly. I know someone who might like this
Aranuman8160's avatar
Well, it seems I am being held at gun point and holding at gun point, so I can shoot while I shoot.


Yo dawg???
ScorpionFangirl's avatar
goRillA-iNK's avatar
Russian roulet would be interesting. It would also be interesting if I KNEW HOW TO SPELL IT! Damn it!
brokenheartsbleeding's avatar
Great concept, but it isn't a catch 22, because if you shot the gun sideways, you could avoid the catch.

Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
and shoot both the guy on the right and the one on the left...
brokenheartsbleeding's avatar
in a perfect world yes, but in perfect world those tow people would be rush limbaugh and glenn beck...
Lajos-Toth's avatar
=D Shooting "backwards" with this revolver would be a tiny bit hard - I don't see no second firing-mechanism anywhere?
TheRyanFord's avatar
Everybody knows this gun is made of magic.
Lajos-Toth's avatar
:sun: Loaded with Hippie-bullets - on the point of impact they burst and spread love and peace and flowers all over the "victim" =D
metztli-moon's avatar
its really good job, gratz:)
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