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A small and quaint little logo for an equally quaint little company. Complete Realty Services is a realty company that wanted to appear warm and as small as they really were, but also wanted to convey a sense of professionalism.

The final logo developed is very simplistic, but has a warmth to it that the client was quite pleased with.
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Great logo design :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Interesting and beautiful logo design! :)
I like the unintermitted continuance of the line between earth and house
to signify that the house is well firm on the earth.
This gives a sense of certainty and stability.
At the same time the shape of the house is like an arrow
pointing up the high ambitions of the company.
This means that the house can grow to achieve more high goals.
Good balance between soft colors and strong impact of the font.
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I love the simplicity and the sketchy effect is just amazing. The typo suits the logo very well.

Have you been to LogoPond? It is a great place for logo designers, maybe you'll get some inspirations from there. ;)
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Yes I'm on logopond.
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link please.
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simple.. gives off the "you're at home" feeling... very effective
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nice one, i like the way you used the contrast of the typo to create the house-like shape on top

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Hmm it is really simplistic but that little spot of 'out of the lines' shading really makes it. Nice work as always Ryan.
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one of the best logos i've ever seen. simple and perfect.
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the tint adds a nice flavor.
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Nice and clean. I think you did a good job conveying the feelings the client asked for.
Just out of curiosity, did the client also choose that shade of green for their corporate identity, or did you choose it for them? (I know you're all about the greens ;))
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I chose it. :)

And yes I love green. It's a wonderful hue and is capable of a wider range of feelings than, say, a blue or a red would be.
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A very nice logo. Sleek and simple.

(ponders on a question)
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Another nicely done ID. What's the typeface?
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Strike my last comment. It's called Eidetic Serif.
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I think it was called Empirical...I think. It's been a while.
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Not a big deal I was just curious. You seem to have knack for finding unique fonts most of time are you heading to MyFonts or just it just what the firm had in it's library?
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I try to use fonts we already have. If I can't find something usable in the huge selection we have, then I go look for one to buy or I make the damn thing myself.

I have a personally huge collection from projects I've done, so I think I found it in there.
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