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This is the invitation / postcard that goes along with the AIA Brochure.

This would be the first item related to the event received by those invited. The design is based off of the textures of the home as it relates to architecture on the whole. Rather than say "architecture" explicitly, I wanted to imply a structure through the warm textures themselves, hence the wallpaper and whatnot.

On this postcard is where we see the angular type introduced, solidifying its use in the brochure (which would be received by mail months later). The top part of the card is actually cut at the same angle. This isn't a die cut, though, since making a die actually costs more money than I'm allowed to spend (theoretically). To solve this problem, I placed the cut in an area where a simple slice of a knife with a ruler or the use of a guillotine can accomplish the same task.

The wallpaper is actually something I edited from Lowe's (similar to Home Depot). I stole a swatch, scanned it, and Photoshopped the heck out of it to get it to tile perfectly. The chair is what I have in my living room (along with the pillow on it).

If you're wondering where the texture goes in the brochure, it'll be showing up on the reverse "poster" side.
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