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Throughout history and across many cultures, there have been various phenomena that fall under the umbrella of multiplicity: the experience of more than one self in one body. Modern psychiatry has pathologized this as Multiple Personality Disorder (now Dissociative Identity Disorder) but many multiples are now coming forward as healthy, functional groups of people who don't seek a psychiatrist to "integrate" them.

This is a collection of short essays, poems, and doodles by our group, trying to explain our experiences and how other people have treated us when they discover our multiplicity. Topics include depersonalization, human rights, gender and sexuality issues, psychiatry, alienation, and struggling to learn how to co-operate as a collective when joined at the hip.

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Wonderful reading-- I have to admit a lot of this struck a note due to familiarity.
Thank you very much! The doodles are adorable and the poetry is lovely. (:
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This is awesome, we love it.

- Maddie
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Wonderful collection of stories. :heart:
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Thank you! -Ian