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Celestia smile Fillies and Gentlecolts! Today we are here to celebrate a birth of a new princess. Not long ago she had the wrong view of making friends and seeing the world in a bad way, but thanks to my former student princess Twilight Sparkle she was able to understand the magic of friendship and with her magical abilities she was able to help other ponies who had no hope, where giving life anew. I know present to you princess Starlight Glimmer!  The princess of hope!

*Commence singing and applause* 

starlight glimmer (welcome) plz Good afternoon everypony. I am lost for words. I am truly honored to be your new princess. I will do my best everyday to bring hope and honor to eqch of my subjects. Its true i didnt believe friendship was worth it. I was blind by my own ideals of what friendship really was. But thanks to my new friends i can truly understand what the magic of friendship is.
Starlight Glimmer (smile) plz Im so happy to be standing here with you guys and with my long lost friend Sunburst
Sunburst Icon *smiles*
starlight glimmer (welcome) plz Together will will make Equestria even more magical and friendlier than ever! So come to me all those who are down heartened! And i will lift your spirits! Thank you everypony! And know that FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!!

*everypony cheered*

Agian i have yet to see any new episodes so im just making a guess. I personally want Shimmer to.return home. Speaking of her do you want to see her reaturn home? In my drawing atleast? 

Meet the new princess here

My little pony belongs to me......jk Hasbro. Up next Queen Trixie

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Very Amazing Art!
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Who knows if Starlight becomes the next alicorn in the ninth season.
Starshine1985's avatar
Yeah, I Really Hope So
IcingMidNightDream's avatar
I Don't Cnsider This Canon
Starshine1985's avatar
This Is Not Canon (And I Know They're Account Are Deactivated)
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I wonder
What is next for me?
My mentor
And those that precede
I joined a line of Alicorns, a tradition old as time
But I am just a unicorn
With a brand new set of wings
A new pair of wings
Starshine1985's avatar
Oh Those Again XD
Dorito-Queen-Celeste's avatar
Even though I am highly against the idea of Starlight or anybody else becoming and alicorn, this is a nice picture. ^^
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Rate she's going, I get the feeling Starlight Glimmer will end up an alicorn soon. Faster than Sunset Shimmer at least. Just need a cool title then.

Princess of Time sounds about right.
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Starlight Glimmer being the Princess of Hope? As in Hope being her own Element of Harmony? That's cool. :)

I really think or thought her own Element of Harmony would be the Element of Acceptance, as in accepting your friends for who they are, but I guess Hope works too. :)
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Why would she be element of acceptance? I get element if hope.
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Because she used to not want to accept anypony as her friend unless they didn't have a Cutie Mark.
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Yeah I want drawing of Sunset returning home^^ never to much of those. 
As alicorn(she really deserved it - more and earlier than Starlight which actually has yet long way to go... even if You designed it so well). 
And her reunited with princess Celestia. 
But of course i mostly wanted it in series itself... but it still didn't happen yet(but maybe in season 7...).
And of curse Starlight not become princess yet.
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Not a bad Starlight I'm I right? :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
JaymieDaggerBark's avatar
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Never thought of this happening but she looks the part. You did an awesome job here :)
stuffwriter's avatar
I wanted to comment about how I totally hate the idea but then I noticed the end of your disription and went all "Queen Trixie okay stop hating just love and tolerate cuz I wanna see queen Trixie" XD
I like the artwork, not the idea tho. I think we have enough princesses as it is.
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I want Starlight Glimmer as our Princess.
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You would be okay with another princess? I can get it.
But not "our princess" as in "replacing Celestia, Luna, Mi Amore Cadenza, and you", right?
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