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Celestia and Philomena

I wonder what happened to Philomena? Only one episode and she's gone. It was funny how she tricked Fluttershy. I've made a few Celestia pics cause she doesn't get much love anymore. Now its more about Glimmer, Shimmer, Luna and Twilight ;3; But what about Tia? The mom of all equestria? Well I'm going to stuff you guys full of her so prepare to be overwhelmed by mom. (Celestia)

This pic is dedicated to the groups

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What an amazing team they are.

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She has a smile like the sun.....😻
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Cely's smile is so well done. She's breathtaking.
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So pretty! *0*
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Happy Celestia is best Celestia :)
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awww you are a sweetheart  Celestia happy 
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And we need more Philomena!
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Aww, Tia looks so happy <3
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Sunbutt and friend! :D
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I seriously can't handle how freaking adorable this is. I LOVE Tia's expression. It's amazing. 
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Congratulations, this is an example icon on the submission board today!
They used to link them, but not anymore, so I had to copypasta your DA out of the filename to find it.
Really nice piece, great smile and pose!
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Yeah I'm going to block you now. Bye bye
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Stupid me... No, I disagree! No, I disagree! No, I disagree! 
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Pinkie Pie says : Oooh Princess Celestia has a beautyful smile :la: Nice work ^^
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Two beauties!
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