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A Fateful Encounter by Therosaur A Fateful Encounter :icontherosaur:Therosaur 10 0 CotUW cover art concept by Therosaur CotUW cover art concept :icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0 Jacob-Howard Naish by Therosaur Jacob-Howard Naish :icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0 Allos The Destroyer Chapter 15:Change by Therosaur
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Allos The Destroyer Chapter 15:Change :icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 14:Return by Therosaur Allos The Destroyer Chapter 14:Return :icontherosaur:Therosaur 0 0 Allos The Destroyer Chapter 13:Perdition by Therosaur Allos The Destroyer Chapter 13:Perdition :icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 3
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 12:Expedition
The flight through the void took up quite a while. The first 10 minutes,I spent eating out of my meal container,that I had carried from the mess hall and laid across my lap almost instinctively. I ingested literally everything in there. And Thanatos,who was next to me followed my example in a more dignified manner. We both ate in silence. The food was good and I was actually in need of a snack,but the frustration,radiating off the Mandalorian woman who was sitting right next to me,could be sensed even without  the Force. And  I didn`t know what to do. One action I wasn`t going to take was share my food again. Alright,I could,but only if she asked. Then again her unease might have had nothing to do with me eating right next to  her. The shuttle was quiet for the first ten minutes or so. Then some of the Children started to have relatively quiet conversations with one another. Ones that I ignored,eyes pinned to the Game Boy Advance SP` s screen. Talon had started playing M
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 11: Absconding
The hallway stretched out for a while. This time I was utterly lost and knew that even reaching the hub room would not help me. Maybe I could ask for directions on second thought… Yes,that was what I was going to do. But who? I continued walking through the corridor,intently. This whole process was painfully slow and the hollow feeling in my stomach was not improving. I wondered if maybe I could have gotten myself a water bottle before going,but I felt like walking back to my quarters would be an empty effort. And so I pushed on. Where would the fucking mess hall even be I wondered.  And what procedures would I need to observe to get food? They couldn`t  be that complicated… I mean after  all it was just getting some food. As I kept walking I remembered that in the hall at the end of the corridor,the one with the fountain,there were more doors,than just the ones that I had used,them being the one leading out to the corridor and the other one,behind which was
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 10:Armaments
It was not a long walk.Out of the battle hall.Through a few corridors.Then two stages up with an elevator and we were there.The familiar training hall.Vast,some walls adorned with weapons,and many training devices scattered around the whole facility.It was somewhat vacant.There was one zabrak male slashing away at a series of training dummies,but he was so preoccupied with his personal training session,to care if Talon took me two meters from him.And that could just happen,if I had observed her patterns concerning how she treated me correctly.She walked me to an open area.
,,Kill me.,,-Talon said as she took about ten steps backwards from me
,,Master…,,-I objected
,,That`s what you will be doing regardless.That is my fate.Go on and fulfill it.,,-her voice was full of mockery,completely out of nowhere
I obeyed,and loosed my sword from its` sheath.With empty eyes,I ran at her,certain of my failure.I attempted a sideslash faint,with all the guile I could muster.She parried,before I
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 9:Warmth
Unlike many an allosaurus I did unfurl from my contorted pose,forelimbs returning to a normal alignment,neck bending back into shape and legs helping me stand upright once again.Talon was gone,as I observed,leaving behind a few items on my makeshift desk.One of them was a bowl of soup of some sort.With no utensils to eat it.The other two were more interesting.A note in Aurebesh and my space Kindle,with an aurebesh transliteration table.I paid attention to the soup first,by drinking it quickly,somehow not spilling a good forty percent of it on my outfit which was already dusty and worn,but still.After that,I took of the aforementioned combination of clothing and dumped it on the floor.I proceeded to open a previously unexplored door in my quarters,which I presumed was a bathroom.My guess was correct and I proceeded to take a thirty minute or so shower,hoping I was not violently abusing the water purification system of the ,,Raptorial,,.After I was done I rummaged through my wardrobe for
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 3 0
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 8:Escape
We darted up the tunnel,each of us batting off and shooting off slashers which appeared out of almost thin air,as our group headed into the tunnel junction.We proceeded up the main shaft,panting and attempting to somehow look in front and behind us,seeing as the necromorphs had scared our survival instincts shitless.Making it to the exit alive and well,we stepped back  into the harsh,hot wasteland and each scanned for a ship.I looked up to the sky in a gesture of victory.What I saw shocked me.The sky was red.A large round object had taken form somewhere to the east,slowly drifting further up into the sky,tentacles flailing from a point in its surface.It looked similar to a moon in size.I shuddered.
,,Guys,look up…,,-I uttered
,,What the fuck is that?!,,-Magnus almost screamed
,,That for sure isn`t a moon…,,-Sapias interjected
,,That reference was lame.,,-helpfully quipped Thanatos
,,It was called for.,,-I protected my cousin
A foul wind took up as we spoke,crushing the
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 7:Mindfuck
It was a body.A dead body.A very weird dead body.It had two additional arms growing out of its back,those arms were adorned with long spikes.The body was wearing odd armor and the remains of an orange cloak.Then I realized.It was a necromorph.A morbid construct of an alien virus.A zombie controlled by a hivemind.The virus made those creatures from corpses.And the one lying on the floor was of probably the least noxious variation-a slasher-slow,unintelligent and relatively feeble,or maybe a twitcher-fast and extremely dangerous.
,,Sapias help me circle it.It can be moderately deadly or unimaginably dangerous!,,-I hissed to Sapias
,,The fuck is it Steven!?,,-hissed Sapias in return
,,A necromorph.Space zombie.Dead Space universe.,,
,,Oh OK.So dismemberment?,,--asked Sapias
,,Yeah.,,-I rapidly answered as we quickly circled the creature on the floor.It quickly got up and ran at me.It was as fast as a person,so at least it was a slasher and we weren`t that fucked.Sapias hurled his chain-si
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0
Pitbeast(request for FutureCreateor) by Therosaur Pitbeast(request for FutureCreateor) :icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 3
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 6:Reunion
,,Oh I`m OK.How did you get here by the way?,,-I asked
,,Just like you,duuh.By surviving in the Thingy.,,-he said
,,So Allos,Sapias the room you must go to is number 1256.You can recognize the numbers I guess.Go now me and Havok have some things to discuss.,,-said Talon as she and Havok walked away from us.
,,So let`s go.I have some pretty awesome shit in my room.,,-I said invitingly
,,OK let`s go.,,-said Sapias.We walked to the elevator and I pressed the button under the lit one which represented the floor on which we were right now.The elevator`s engine buzzed and it went to the lower floor.I opened the door and I and Sapias walked into the hallway.We proceeded to cross the now busy hall and walk into the three kilometer long hallway.
,,Man is this fucking hallway long.,,-I said
,,Can`t agree more.Still you must feel lucky,you live close to the back side of the ship.I am in the front and I had to walk the whole distance of three kilometers.My feet kinda hurt.We could have taken the t
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 2 0
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 5:Revival
I woke up.It was dark around the bed I woke in.It was not the same room in which I thought I resided.I tried to move my right hand.It worked.I was wondering if I actually was just hallucinating about my hand from all the blood I lost in the Thingy.I turned around and saw Talon.She was next to me in bed.And she was naked.She really wasn`t covered by anything she just lied next to me looking at the sealing.I then realized I was also completely naked.Although I was still covered in blankets.Talon turned around and looked at me with her piercing yellow eyes.
,,Hello.You finally recovered.,,-she came close to me-,,let`s proceed with giving you a name.,,-she said as she moved even closer to me.So close I could see her hot boobs in even greater detail.
,,Master why are you naked?,,-I asked
,,Why not.,,-she said as she gently placed her hands on either side of my head and then got her face close to mine.
,,You did well in the Apprentice Thingy.You do have potential.Your mind is devious,crafty
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0
Allos The Destroyer Chapter 4:Confrontation
I woke up at an indefinite time.It could have been two in the morning or three in the evening.My biological clock was pretty messed up already.I realized it was time for the Apprenticing Thingy,so I got out of bed and took my clothes on.I looked around the room.There was a plate with some weird  food on the table next to the Gamecube.I realized that I was fairly hungry.The food comprised of a dish full of some kind of odd sauce with some meat-like substance floating in it.It didn`t look that bad.There was a fork next to it.I wondered if Talon actually made this,but still thinking again Sith don`t have very broad skill sets.Talon`s skills were assassination,intelligence gathering,interrogation,espionage,etc.That meant that this strange food was maybe just taken from some kind of kitchen aboard the ,,Raptorial,,.I still wondered if it was poisoned by my enemies,but still I was sure that the Sith wouldn`t let something like this happen.I had to eat it since I haven`t eaten since yest
:icontherosaur:Therosaur 1 0
In the recent year me and :iconarekkusu-desu: have been working on a visual novel together. With me being the writer and the creative mind behind the plot and setting and him doing the art and visual design. This visual novel is an alternate history/sci-fi work that is more story-driven than character driven.
The main divergence point of the novel is the replacement of the Russian government with a benevolent dictatorship called the Unity,headed by Kaede-an enigmatic woman of crimson hair and eyes that advocates for the creation of a world state and the furthering of the posthuman species she belongs to. This of course leads to an increasing tension between the Unity and the rest of the world powers.
Which leads us into the actual plot of the VN. In it a clandestine operation by the Unity to extract a batch of experimental piloted mecha known as Sub-Orbital Humanoid Assault Crafts from a storage cache in the American city of Providence goes wrong,thus involving 15-year old homeschooled shut-in Jacob-Howard Naish,who is forced to pilot one of the SOHACs back to the Unity airship "Kyuon" where they were meant to be transported. There he is forced to work together with the motley crew of the vehicle,as they try and make it back to the Unity capital of Ulthar (formerly Irkutsk),while a world war between the Unity and the rest of the world breaks out,America using the so called "Providence Incident" as a casus belli. Jacob and the "Kyuon" 's crew must utilize their unique military advantage in the face of their three SOHACs to make it to Ulthar. 
This is of course as short and concise a summary as I could manage. Soon enough we'll have a demo publicly available as well as maybe a dedicated site as well as a Patreon and Kickstarter pages for it. A lot of character art for the project has been done already and you can see it on mine and :iconarekkusu-desu: 's respective galleries. 
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