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juvenile P. engelhardti by theropod1 juvenile P. engelhardti :icontheropod1:theropod1 17 2 Plateosaurus engelhardti by theropod1 Plateosaurus engelhardti :icontheropod1:theropod1 12 1 Allosaurus sp. by theropod1 Allosaurus sp. :icontheropod1:theropod1 35 13 Ceratosaurus nasicornis by theropod1 Ceratosaurus nasicornis :icontheropod1:theropod1 25 5 Majungasaurus by theropod1 Majungasaurus :icontheropod1:theropod1 17 7 The whale and the shark by theropod1 The whale and the shark :icontheropod1:theropod1 49 64 Livyatan melvillei by theropod1 Livyatan melvillei :icontheropod1:theropod1 36 33 Baryonyx walkeri by theropod1 Baryonyx walkeri :icontheropod1:theropod1 12 10 Suchomimus tenerensis by theropod1 Suchomimus tenerensis :icontheropod1:theropod1 11 3 another Carnotaurus by theropod1 another Carnotaurus :icontheropod1:theropod1 11 0 Kulindadromeus in color by theropod1 Kulindadromeus in color :icontheropod1:theropod1 11 9 Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus by theropod1 Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus :icontheropod1:theropod1 15 1 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus: new reconstruction by theropod1 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus: new reconstruction :icontheropod1:theropod1 31 32 A deep-bodied arm reptile by theropod1 A deep-bodied arm reptile :icontheropod1:theropod1 13 8 American Beast by theropod1 American Beast :icontheropod1:theropod1 22 21 Batrachotomus kupferzellensis  by theropod1 Batrachotomus kupferzellensis :icontheropod1:theropod1 5 9 Camptosaurus by theropod1 Camptosaurus :icontheropod1:theropod1 11 10 Carnotaurus by theropod1 Carnotaurus :icontheropod1:theropod1 3 14 Aucasaurus by theropod1 Aucasaurus :icontheropod1:theropod1 4 0 Abelisaurus by theropod1 Abelisaurus :icontheropod1:theropod1 5 7 Mapusaurus roseae: fleshed skull! by theropod1 Mapusaurus roseae: fleshed skull! :icontheropod1:theropod1 11 41 Acrocanthosaurus atokensis by theropod1 Acrocanthosaurus atokensis :icontheropod1:theropod1 8 10 Giant southern lizard-also just one of them by theropod1 Giant southern lizard-also just one of them :icontheropod1:theropod1 11 28 Finally...the largest of them all! by theropod1 Finally...the largest of them all! :icontheropod1:theropod1 14 49