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Plateosaurus engelhardti by theropod1 Plateosaurus engelhardti by theropod1
Plateosaurus engelhardti, a basal sauropodomorph/prosauropod from the Norian and Raetian of over 40 localities in France, Germany and Switzerland, most famously the mass-accumulations as Trossingen, Halberstadt and Frick (Sander 1992).
Ranging in adult size between 5 and 10 m in total length and an estimated 440kg to 3.5t in body mass (based on specimen GPIT 1 as described and figured by Mallison 2010), Plateosaurus is one of the earliest truly large dinosaurs known. Having been published on (albeit in a single paragraph in a letter otherwise dealing with invertebrates) by von Meyer in 1837, it is also among the first dinosaurs to be scientifically "described".
Plateosaurus is particularly interesting because of its weird and mysterious ontogenetic trajectory, owing to the very limited immature material (Hofmann & Sander 2014) and the pronounced developmental plasticity (i.e. body size and histologically determined ages of specimens are very poorly correlated, Sander & Klein 2005).
Also there is a fair deal of taxonomic confusion in the genus with quite a number of species erected at one point or another by the principal describers of the Trossingen and Halberstadt materials (Huene 1926, Jaekel 1913), but it currently seems like the only valid species are P. engelhardti and possibly P. gracilis (Moser 2003, Yates 2003).

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