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This is what the Belladonnica family's Thanksgiving looked like this year. Their wonderful housekeeper Loni (…) cooked everything and even her daughter Maria tagged along. Maria is actually a friend of Kylie's and she has a similar condition as the Belladoica sisters after drinking some of their milk looking to compete with her mother's impressive figure. It seems that Tyler and Autumn were so excited for Thanksgiving that they forgot to milk themselves, making less room for their poor little sisters Esmeralda and Jessica who aren't too happy to be stuck at the kid's table.
I combined two long time requests from avatarfan2012 and GundamNate into a Thanksgiving piece based on a famous painting. I've never drawn anything at an angle like this so I hope it turned out fine enough.

Okay. Honesty time. I meant to put this out before December started, but me getting sick TWICE in the span of one month and work being busy this time of year has not left me with much energy. I finally forced myself to finish it at the cost of some much needed sleep so forgive the wonky uneven fence outside. Sweating a little... 
Happy Holidays from my cartoonishly proportioned family to yours. :Holidays: 
Manhood Ransom (TG + BE)

Manhood Ransom (TG Caption)

*phone rings*

Frank: “Hello!”

Witch: “Why good morning, Mr. Lee… Or should I say ‘Ms. Lee’…”

Frank: “Who is this?! Are you the one who did this to me?!”

Witch: “Oh, not me, no. I’m sure you remember the lovely young lady you spent the night with, Natalia. She was gone before you woke up in case you were a bit too distracted to notice”

Frank: “You mean…? Where did she go?! Oh god, these things are huge! My back is killing me! WHAT DID SHE DO YO ME?!”

Witch: “Oh, just a harmless little spell. You did say that you liked big breasts. As for Natalia, she’s with me. She’s a part of my coven.”

Frank: “Coven? You mean like witches?! Oh hell no, I’m calling the cops…”

Witch: “The cops can’t change you back into a man, Mr. Lee. Ever. However, I can for only $25,000.”

Frank: “WHAT?! I… I can’t just… No way in hell I’m paying that!”

Witch: “Well then I suggest you save your money for some custom built bras because come midnight… you’ll be stuck the way you are now permanently. And by the way, breast reduction surgery doesn’t work on breasts that were created by magic.”

Frank: “Look, I’m telling you, I’m barely paying rent! I can’t afford $25,000 all at once!”

Witch: “Well, you could always make some quick cash at the strip club you met Natalia at. Especially looking the way you do now, and ESPECIALLY if you’re willing to… go the extra mile to please the customers.”

I do not own the image.

Mature Content

After Thanksgiving (BBW + TG + BE)

After Thanksgiving (TG Caption)

Frank was used to feeling plump and heavy, especially the morning after Thanksgiving, but not quite like this. He had always heard his wife call her mother a witch, but considering the old hag’s overbearing personality, he never took it literally. That is until his mother-in-law got fed up with his comments about her daughter’s weight and the large breasts that ran in their family. So she cast a spell on him. Frank immediately felt exhausted and went straight to bed after Thanksgiving dinner. He had nightmares about his penis vanishing and large breasts growing on his chest. When he woke up in the morning and felt an emptiness between his legs and a massive weight on his chest, he figured he must still be dreaming. Still half asleep in a daze, he made his way to the shower to wake himself up. Unfortunately he was now very much a “she”. She couldn’t believe the size of her breasts. They were so heavy it felt like there were two overstuffed turkeys hanging from her chest. First Frank thought about what she would say to her mother-in-law… Then she thought about what being a woman would be like… Then she thought about how much fun it would be to have such big boobs.

I do not own the image.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Mother's Milk (Bimbo Transformation Story)

Tracy was a total milf. She was a bombshell with big blonde hair and stood proud in her high heels. She wore tight clothes on her shapely body. To call her curvaceous would be an understatement. She had 50 inch hips, a big round booty, big juicy thighs, a slim waist and breasts bigger than pumpkins. People often asked if she was magically enhanced, but she always played coy and never revealed her beauty secrets. As she prepared breakfast in the kitchen her son and daughter came down the stairs.

“Good mornin’, my little birthday babies!” She sang as she greeted the twins, Kenny and Kelly. Neither of them seemed to have dressed up for their birthday. Kenny was wearing his typical “gamer guy” look while his sister was wearing her usual “geeky girl” look. Other than that, the two were fairly good looking kids, but unlike their mother, they were much more subdued and normal. The twins were still a bit groggy from having just gotten up.

“Mooooom, stop acting like we’re little kids!” Kelly groaned at her perky mother. She rolled her eyes after she caught a glimpse of her mother bulbous rear squeezed into her skin tight dress.
“Oh hush, you’ll always be my babies. Now come have some breakfast before school.” Tracy said as the kids sat down at the stools on the outer side of the bar-like kitchen counter. Tracy’s huge breasts swayed as she turned around from the part of the counter next to the kitchen window to the counter where the kids were sitting at and presented them the first part of their breakfast.

“I’m making bacon and eggs, but first have some cereal.” She said with a warm smile as she placed the bowls of cereal on the counter that doubled as a table. The twins began to eat it.
“So, what did you get us?” Kelly asked.
“Did you get us Giga City 6 with the VR headset?” Kenny asked as he ate his cereal.
“That’s what YOU wanted.” Kelly corrected.
“Oh, like you don’t wanna play that dumb boyfriend simulator game in VR.” Kenny replied.
“Shut up!” Kelly retorted as she continued eating.
“Now, now, you two, I got you both something very special.” Tracy assured the twins.
“Um, this cereal tastes kinda funny.” Kenny said with his mouth full.
“Yeah, I think it’s the milk. It tastes… different.” Kelly agreed as she took another bite.

Tracy smiled to herself a she finished cooking the bacon. “What’s wrong, did the milk go bad?” The curvaceous caregiver asked, pouring on the motherly concern.
“No, it actually tastes good… really good!” Kenny answered.
“Yeah, it’s really sweet.” Kelly added. The twins hungrily gulped down rest of the cereal. It was then that they suddenly began to feel a strange bubbly sensation in their bellies.
“Ohhh, my stomach feels weird!” Kenny groaned as he hunched over in his seat.
“Me too!” Kelly said as she clutched her stomach in discomfort. Their doting mother turned to face them. However, she didn’t look concerned. She surprisingly looked excited.
“SURPRISE!” She sang as she giddily held out her arms causing her humongous breasts to jiggle. The twins were confused as they felt the pressure build in their stomachs until they each let out a loud burp. To their surprise, they saw a bit of pink smoke waft out of their mouths as the strange pressure in their stomachs turned into a tingling sensation throughout their bodies.

“Oh, well THAT’S not very ladylike, you two!” Tracy joked.
“Mom, what’s happening?” Kelly asked.
“You two are about to get your special presents! I’m so happy you two wolfed down all of your cereal. The changes are gonna hit you two real hard now. Ooooh, I can’t wait!” Tracy said with glee. It was then that the twins felt the tingling pressure building up in their chests. First, Kelly’s B cups began to swell. Her nipples stiffened as her bulging breasts steadily expanded until they strained the buttons of her flannel shirt. Kelly stared down at her growing chest in disbelief.

“Holy crap!” Kenny said as he gawked at his sister’s expanding endowments.
“I poured a little extra ingredient in your cereal.” Tracy said as she pulled something out her cavernous cleavage. She revealed a small pink bottle as she giggled.
“What are those?” Kenny asked as Kelly desperately attempted to hold her breast growth back with her hands to no avail.
“Well, this one is a lovely little potion from MagiCorp called ‘Blonde Bimbo’.” She said as she set the bottle in on the countertop in front of the twins. Kelly’s lips began to swell.
“You put a potion in our cereal?!” Kevin asked frantically. He began to feel queasy as he felt an foreboding tingling in his chest and groin.

“Oh, relax! This stuff is harmless. Heck, I drank a bottle of Blonde Bimbo years ago and it’s done nothing but wonders for me!” Tracy replied gesturing seductively at her extremely curvaceous body for emphasis. Kenny’s brown hair was beginning to grow and become a lighter shade as was his sister’s. The twin’s whimpered as their lips and butts plumped to nearly triple their original size. Kenny tried to pretend he wasn’t feeling the unsettling, unmistakable feeling of his male genitals shrinking in between his thickening thighs. He wanted to wake up from the living nightmare he was experiencing. The poor boy grunted and hunched over in his seat as the last remnants of his manhood enveloped into a soft virgin pussy.

“Oh, I know sweetie… The hardest part’s over now.” Tracy said, comforting her new daughter. Before Kenny could voice her fury, she felt her flat chest explode into a bulbous pair of breasts that rivaled her sister’s new bra busters. The busty blonde Kelly now resembled a teenage version of her mother. Kenny immediately followed suit as her still boyish features softened and feminized in an exaggerated way. The twins’ blonde locks now hung down to their bubble butts. Their waists slimmed down to accentuate their ridiculous proportions leaving shaped like hourglasses. Finally, their nipples stiffened as they grew slightly longer and a lot more sensitive. This was quite noticeable as their basketball-sized boobs threatened to burst through their shirt any second.

“You two look so beautiful! You two are gonna be so popular now! Just like mommy was in school!” Tracy said as she applauded with joy. The girls only moaned as they rubbed their protruding nipples. They couldn’t help themselves. “I know this is a lot to take in, but it’s okay. You two are gonna take the day off from school and the three of us are gonna go on a shopping spree and get you both new clothes!” She said excitedly. The girls couldn’t think straight. Their minds were being flooded by hormones and lust. Tracy’s breasts bounced as she rushed out of the kitchen to her twin daughters on the outside of the counter. She hugged and kissed them both leaving lipstick on their flustered cheeks.

“Kenny sweetie, you’re gonna need a new name now… How about… Kandi?” Tracy proposed.
“K… Kandi?” The former boy replied in her new high pitched, ditzy voice. She was still in a total daze from the transformation.
“C’mon girls, let’s get your new lives started!” Tracy said as she helped her daughters stand up. Their new shapes made balance a bit of a challenge at first. With their mother’s help, the twins waddled to the car.

Two months later, Kelly and Kandi are two of the most popular girls in their school. They are total bimbos who will sleep with anyone. They dress like dolled up sluts and their huge breasts can barely be contained. Their mother lets their libidos run wild since they’re on birth control. The twins are always either at some boy’s house or they have boys at their house. their father was against the whole thing, but his wife Tracy can be very… persuasive.
The Manly Milf
Female to male TG sequence request.
That prankster Kelsey must’ve felt like expressing some daddy issues when she slipped a some magical male enhancement into her mother’s iced tea. Desiree may be humiliated at the moment, but at least she traded her famous curves for a hard body and a VERY impressive package. Lucky for her, the new gender isn’t permanent.
That's right. My Watchers are officially in the triple digits! That's huge for me. I just want to thank everyone who watches me and faves my art, captions, and short stories. You'll be seeing a lot more from me in the near future, and as always, I am open for requests. Thank you all.


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