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Titty Tennis (TG + BE)
TG Caption

Drew Night: "Impressive how well you can still play with those twins of yours, Dennis."
Dennis: "Shut up, you perverted son of a bitch. Just serve... and none of your weird magic tricks!"
Drew Night: "It's not magic, my top-heavy friend, I just simply... adjust reality."
Dennis: "Yeah, well after I win you're gonna adjust me right back into a man."
Drew Night: "Well, you're pretty far behind in points. At this rate you're gonna spend the rest of your life as 'Denise'. Although I must say, you may be a chauvinist, but you may have been right about playing against women... they're heaving breasts can be pretty distracting." ;) (Wink) 

The morph was created by the great
The Highway (Epilogue)

The Highway (TG Caption)

7 years later, Miles and his wife Tracy are happily married with three kids. The memories of Tracy’s past as a man became hazy for both of them after a while, but they would never forget the friendship that blossomed into love. Due to having children and breastfeeding, Tracy’s already enormous breasts have permanently swollen into a truly enormous size. She obviously gets stares wherever she goes and has even been scouted by modelling agents. However, despite knowing that millions of men fantasize about her, the only man that she cares thinks she’s sexy is her husband.  The day that the former man transformed into the woman of his best friend’s dreams was the first day of the rest of their lives. After they shared their story with the Bureau of Magical Control, they learned that the area on the highway was known as a “magic pocket”, or a place with a large amount of rampant magical energy compacted in a localized area. Tracy was a little bit sad when she was told by experts that her transformation was permanent, but after she became a mother, she soon that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The amazing morph is by thebrickboy1304

Movie Night
Here’s a request from animejoe2260 for some good ol’ Belladonnica sister breast expansion brought on by pigging out on too much junk food. Here we see Rose, Esmeralda, Autumn, Tyler, and Jessica have fallen asleep while watching a bad horror movie starring their sister Leandra (pictured on the wall behind them along with Autumn and Kylie). They prepared plenty of snacks including chips, popcorn, nachos, fried chicken, pizza, doughnuts, candy, a deli sandwich, and soda. The thing is, the ladies in this family tend produce a lot of milk in their breasts and require milking all the time. One of the things that can really get their milk flowing is eating too much. That also makes them sleepy so when Esmeralda (sporting her rarely seen glasses in this picture) wakes up to see that she and her sisters went too far with the snacks, she’s way more freaked out about not being able to stand than she is by the scary movie.

The picture of Leandra ended up even more crooked than I thought. Sweating a little...  Wasn't intentional... Here's a better version of it. -->…
The Highway Part 2 (TG + BE)

The Highway Part 2 (TG Caption)

Miles: “Trace ol’ buddy, I gotta tell you somethin’.”

Trace: “What is it now?”

Miles: “I know I’m seein’ things… like a mirage, or whatever, but right now I swear you look like just about the finest piece of ass I ever seen.”

Trace: “What the hell? You turnin’ homo or somethin’?”

Miles: “Naw man, I’m tellin’ you, ya look like a bonafide 10! Perfect face, perfect body! A fuckin’ knockout and wearin’ nothin’ but a bra and panties! I’m talkin’ long brown curls, blue eyes, pouty lips, long legs, childbearin’ hips, tiny waist, and the biggest pair o’ milk juggs I ever laid eyes on!”

Trace: “The hell you talkin’ about?!”

Miles: “Even your voice is sexy! Man, I must be losin’ my mind, but I swear you look like the girl of my dreams!”

Trace: “Really? …Well… I suppose do feel mighty strange. Like I’m a whole other person. …And, well… I might be the one goin’ homo, because I… I think I’m feelin’ kinda sweet on you.”

Miles: “Aw, baby! Come to papa! If we’re gonna die out here, I say we go out with a bang…”


About 20 minutes later, a family in an RV spotted something on the side of the road. As they pulled over on the desolate highway, they could barely believe what they were seeing. The passionately moaning woman riding on top of her rugged, huffing man looked like a supermodel, but with the obscene, outlandish proportions of her body and the way she bounced on her partner like a bucking bronco, she seemed more like a porn star. A far as the innocent family could tell, the two lovers were stranded on the hot highway. After a few more minutes, the two finally finished and put their clothes back on. However, the mother continued to cover the eyes of her two sons as the curvaceous hitchhiker still only had a bra and panties to cover her lurid, nubile body. The two introduced themselves as “Miles and Tracy” and accepted the family’s offer to give them a ride to the nearest town.

Props to… for this incredible image.

The Highway (TG Caption)

The Highway (TG Caption)

Miles and Trace were tired of waiting on the side of the highway when their car broke down. They decided to walk the few miles it would take to reach civilization despite the sweltering heat. They thought they knew their general location, but they couldn’t find their bearings. They ended up feeling so lost that when they decided to head back to the car they couldn’t even find it. They even looked off road. They were confused and frustrated. They had heard about the magical anomalies that had recently befallen the world, and the only thig they could think of was that that they must be experiencing one. All they could do was hope that someone would drive by ad pick them up as they kept walking, hoping to reach a destination. After what felt like forever, hunger and fatigue began to set in. That’s when they started to hallucinate…

That's right. My Watchers are officially in the triple digits! That's huge for me. I just want to thank everyone who watches me and faves my art, captions, and short stories. You'll be seeing a lot more from me in the near future, and as always, I am open for requests. Thank you all.


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