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steam/cyberpunk concept sketches

Hhmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn I like character design too much....

This was supposed to be world building for a minor concept I had but now I'm attached.... So now we have Snook, G3-nE, and Arbor. They live in sort of a post-apocalyptic world, and generally just get involved in shenanigans together.

Snook is an inventor who really just needs to loosen up a little. He's always grumpy and acts as the mom of the group. He can never figure out why Arbor hangs around him so much, and just wants to be left alone. His cousin, Gar (not pictured here), lives with him. Thanks to this, G3-nE, Arbor, and various neighbors, Snook has a plethora of nicknames. All of which he hates. (Ex. Dad, Snookums, Fish Face, Frankenstein, That weird science kid who lives down the street, ect.)

G3-nE, or Gene, is a robot! They were built by Snook and they call him dad. Snook does not appreciate this and cannot figure out what part of their programming is doing that. G3-nE is basically just a big kid, and wants to know all they can about pretty much anything. They are pretty gullible, so they have to constantly be babysat or they can get into some real trouble.

Finally we have Arbor!! You know Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet? Yeah he's based off of that guy. Arbor does not care for authority and tends to do whatever seems entertaining in that particular moment. Even if it has less than ideal consequences. He DEFINITELY does NOT have a crush on Snook, (thats so crazy why would you think that???) (He totally does) and can usually be found hanging around his lab/house.
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