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Siren Dream Doodles

Howdy hey my buckaroos, do I have a story for you.
So the other night I had this wild dream, and i had to draw it.

So the world floods all Noah's ark style, right? And these 5 girls were going to go rafting, but their raft only holds 4 people, so they legit just shove one girl off the raft and she drowns. But! It turns out that whoever dies in the water gets turned into a siren, you know, the predatory mermaids who lure people to their deaths? Yeah, so she doesn't remember anything except how she felt towards certain people and things, so when she finds the girls, she just, like, murders them. Except for one, who tried to save her because she had a crush on her and then they go on gay adventures and are really cute.

Anyways, so I dont think I'm ever going to turn the dream into a story or anything, but I really wanted to draw something from it and show it to you guys. If anyone wants to do anything with this concept, I'd love to see it. You can take bits and pieces of it if you'd like.
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