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Magical Girl Concept Art

Hey! Since you all liked Addi so much, I thought I'd give you some teammates? They're just doodles, second and third go around at designs for them, so they're subject to change.

Top left is MJ! They're the parent friend, and the most responsible member of the crew. They're a theatre kid who enjoys school and movies. Their magical form is the most different from their civilian form.

Bottom right is Hannah! She's a gymnast with a penchant for mischief. She enjoys a good prank and loves to mess with her friends. She's the only one of the crew who attends a different school, as she goes to the private Christian school rather than the public high school.

So there they are! I hope you all enjoy! Please feel free to give me your opinions on their designs, and what you think would look nice or make the team so far look a bit more cohesive.
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