Magical Girl Au: Sprites, Keys, and Holders

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So in this universe, people can transform into magical fighters using the power of Keys and Sprites. Sprites are little marble-like creatures that live in groups of 2-6. Each group of Sprites has a theme. Our main group's theme is flight, so we have Sprites reminiscent of creatures that fly. All Sprites are referred to as the color they are. For example, a blue Sprite would be called Blue, or any variant of the shade. The Sprite's hue will also slightly change based on what their Holder calls them. For example, if a Holder calls their blue sprite Aqua instead if Blue, their color would shift to better match the name. Sprites don't have genders, but they all use she/her pronouns.

Keys are what allows a Holder to harness their Sprite's power. A deactivated Key will look like a regular skeleton key, but change to be more whimsical once activated. To activate a Key, its corresponding Sprite must enter it, and use its energy to power it. This is what allows a Holder to transform. If an activated key is removed from the Holder's person, it is deactivated and the transformation is lost. A Key cannot be used by anyone other than the current Holder.

Holders are the users of Keys. In order to become a Holder, a Sprite must choose you. Sprites work together with their group to choose their holders so that an optimal team is chosen. Every individual Sprite has preferred traits for their Holder, so you must fill a specific requirement in order to be chosen by a Sprite. All Holders are chosen for a reason. There are no mistakes. While most Holders do identify as female, anyone can be a Holder, regardless of how they identify. Just because this is a Magical Girl Au, doesn't mean we can't have magical boys or magical nonbianaries.

This Au is untitled as of now, so please suggest some names! This is the first in a series of lore leading up to some sister pieces revealing all of the characters. I'm not sure how long it's going to take me to finish it, or when I'll be able to work on an actual comic, but I hope you all like this!

I originally wrote this in a journal post, but I thought I'd put it here too.
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