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Google Art

Yoooooooo have you guys even drawn on Google Jamboards?? It's terrible. You can't change the pen or eraser size, there are no layers, you have like, 6 colors (including black and white), the line is just a tad off from where you put it, and there's no fill tool. Despite this, I had an assignment where I had to draw two things using this program. Considering the limitations, I'm really proud of how this turned out!

This is Asryss, from my Celestial Royalties AU. This is actually the first CR thing I've posted???? It's a really cool concept and I love it, so I guess I'll have to do more.  
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Great Art! I bow to your greatness. If you ever have time. I would be honored if you look at my art.

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Thank you so much! I checked out your page, and you're so talented! I like the creepiness of some of the pieces, very cool!