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In the least likely case you are wonderin' why did I do the "september of draws" thing and not inktober, when it's just a month of difference and an extra day, is because I'm very busy this october, and september seemed much more free to me. Maybe next year I will do inktober and not that poor excuse of a name activity.

Love you '3'
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Why yes, I knew you were wondering whether I had a degree or something in astronomy, and the answer is yes, I definitely do. I have vast amounts of knowledge from the universe and understanding of complex physics.
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Rain makes blackouts likely, so I couldn't use the computer due to the risks of it getting fried. Once rain gets nice and calm I will use some new brushes in hopes of making something great, but that won't be until tomorrow.

Don't forget I love you all xoxo.
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Today this account will turn one year old, and so far it has been pretty fun.
SO! As an attempt to get some practice, I'll try to upload a drawing everyday of september, made that very same day. Or at least 5-6 drawing per week, depending on how tight my schedule is and how productive I feel. If you feel like it, you could go and suggest me to draw, oh I don't know, something pineapple-related, and I might listen to said suggestions if I think they are fun. Quality of the drawings may very well vary drastically, from poor sketches to fully painted yet also poor inkspew. Okay that's it.

Wait no, quick question: was the flatland film ever a meme? I need to know, because I would not like it becoming a meme.
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I feel like drawing digitally highly decreases the quality of my work but then I compare my pencilwork to stuff I've uploaded and I think the opposite and it makes me confused and I don't know what to do and I wanna make cool stuff but my hand is cold and stiff and and and aaahhhhhahahaha.
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If I ever made a webcomic, not only it would lack specific update schedules, but the subject itself would be unreal. Like, I would literally make a webcomic on lots of nothing. But unlike all those comic artists that sadly end up repeating what their predecessors have already done, or at least I hope I don't end up there either. It would have to be visually interesting, surely. Animation is a great way of doing so, but more time consuming. And the whole point of it would not be to transmit a story that has been in my head for a long time, or an everyday slice of life data log, but rather plain idiocy, poorly hidden by grandiloquent words. Maybe I'll do this someday but better for you to not expect it (not that there are many who would).

Unrelated, Super Paper Mario is fucking great and I really dig the character design choices.
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"Let's draw!" said the heart, with overflowing passion.
"What?" asked the brain, with a lack of ideas.
"Pls no" begged the hand, with no motivation whatsoever.
"Ahdibshwhq" muffled the mouth, having no idea how to speak correctly.

(Not an actual art block but rather laziness i think)
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I discovered Pixitracker and now my brain has been possessed by it.
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I might actually start using this thing but I fear of becoming obnoxious with it, spamming everyone's notifications. Of course there's always a way to mute it, luckily. Anyways, I am probably going to try out different styles soon-ish. Could be fun.
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