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Impherna Variant Contest Entry by ThermalTheorist Impherna Variant Contest Entry by ThermalTheorist
Entry for the second (and last too I guess) round of this contest.

Name: Impherna Snowy Variant
Type: Ice - Fire
Species: Geyser Pokémon
Ability: Deal / Mold Breaker

Pokédex Entry 1: Impherna in tundra biomes have survived the cold winters thanks to their internal combustion, which highly raises their inner temperature. They cut through ice using their frozen claws.

Pokédex Entry 2: Little to no humans live in the snowy mountains and forests they reside, and so their familiar heritage has been lost. They are sometimes referred as "Invherna".

Full Variant Explanation: So Impherna(s?) live in volcanoes. When volcanoes erupt, the most deadly part is the ash clouds, which may block the sunlight, and thus causing temperature to drop. In a situation like this, long time ago, many native pokémon fled, due to the lack of sufficient resources for their survival, but Impherna stayed, and learned to adapt. With no other big predators, the leftover herbivores were all for them, leaving the unnatural winter as the only threat. Eventually their fiery insides cooled down, only the core still burning, which resulted beneficial, as their new charcoal and pale tone made them camouflage with the cooled volcanic rocks and the snow. Their claws, having much less hot blood flowing through them, froze, which also helped them, as they were now bigger and sharper. Some grew talon-thingies, which, when bent under their feet, served as ice skates, which helped them move easier through frozen ponds and lakes. But the characteristic that most fascinates biologists is the fact that Impherna now consume a lot of water, which freezes in their insides, only to gain pressure, and, when heated, be propulsed with immense force through their mouth and neck tubes, similarly to how geysers do, as the cooling of their throats made spewing fire as they used to much more difficult and unconvenient, yet still not impossible (oof this was long).

SIDENOTES: This was really fun to think of and draw. When told to use snow, I was pretty much forced to use the Ice type due to my lack of originality, and immediately chose to keep the Fire type rather than Dark, because making a dragon Sneasel seemed hard. Plus heat plus cold makes fun stuff and gives place to fun coloring and details (this one has way more texture details than any other drawing I've ever uploaded), anyways fun fun funfun. I think I could have gone for a Dragon - Ice typing, but I think I used way to much Kyurem inspiration on this one.

Original Impherna design by :iconpavameagarestia:
Twime777 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks cool. I like the pattern on its belly that kinda looks like a snowflake. Good luck :)
ThermalTheorist Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017   General Artist
Thanks, you too!
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August 23, 2017
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