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Lands of Threana Discord

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2018, 12:20 AM

Lands of Threana Discord {Link Below} by TheRiversEdge

It's been a long time coming, but I've been feeling better prepared to handle community things and share some new ideas for my species! So I've remade the Discord server to reflect that. You don't need to own a Threana species design in order to join, just click the link below to hop right in~

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Emergency Commissions {OPEN}

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2018, 3:02 PM

bwapple and I have run into some pretty serious financial troubles regarding rent and other expenses. Neither of us have been able to get full time jobs since moving into our new apartment, so in the meantime we're gonna try to supplement our lack of income with our artwork. I'm pretty burnt out with adoptables right now, so I'm more interested in taking commissions.
These will be open indefinitely.

~ If you need to contact me off-DA, please email me at ~

Other Links:

If you have any questions, just comment below or note me. If you are unable commission either of us, advertising our posts is highly encouraged! Thank you for reading <3

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Streaming @ Twitch {OFFLINE}

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 23, 2018, 6:04 PM

:star: JOIN :star:

Working on: Owed artwork

Mic: No

Music: Yes

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LF Naja Owners + Life Update

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 12, 2017, 4:19 PM

There are a few najas whose owners are currently unknown. Please contact me if you know who owns them!

Adopt #001 {Gen 1} by Threana-Base Adopt #038 {Gen 3} by Threana-Base

I'm also very sorry for my inactivity these past few weeks. As I elaborated in my status updates, I've been battling a bad case of laryngitis that still isn't completely gone. I'm slowly getting better, but I've still got a ways to go. Fortunately, my overall energy for art has mostly returned, so I will be continuing (and hopefully finishing) all owed work this week. I am extremely grateful for your patience, everyone <3

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Selling a Few Characters [OPEN, PRICE LOWERED]

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 25, 2017, 7:24 PM

I've had some old characters sitting around in my TH I made years ago that I really... can't connect with anymore.. So I'm gonna resell them!

Please Read Before Purchasing:

- I am only accepting USD via PayPal!
- I'm willing to haggle a bit, but I will not accept more than $10 off the minimum price.
- Not first come, first serve! I am more likely to accept higher offers.
- Please do not add on things like designs or artwork; I am only looking for USD.

Characters: - Minimum $15 [Comes with art] - Minimum $25 [Comes with art]

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Last Chance to Make Naja MYOs Official [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 12:48 PM


Since The-Naja-Tribe will be shut down by the end of this month and merged with Lands-of-Threana, I wanted to give last year's MYO contest participants a chance to make their entries official before the window closes. 

:star: To all tagged users, please let me know either in the comments or via notes whether you'd like to make your naja official or not. The price to make your MYO official is $5 USD/500 :points: :star:

Users are tagged as follows:

EtherealDeer, Larkitrope, FelesUmbra, Vilshanka, TalonV, Ultimoth, MisfitsOfSanity, hollyleaf53, Flight321, HIRVl, DragonVenomCreations, hurricane10962

Deadline: October 31 at 11:59 PM EST

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Characters for Trade/Sale [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 6, 2017, 10:57 AM

Updated 12/22; Added some more characters; Includes a hauket-made Ren Fair!

So I decided to go through my TH and entertain trade offers on characters I haven't connected with in a while. Some are CS, and some are not! Depending on each design, I expect offers to be the same or higher value/quality as what you are offering on. I'm not particularly tentative about trading most of these designs.

Please only offer on characters in this tag:…

Will Accept:

- Designs in my Dreamies folder :star::star::star::star:

- Species listed in my Species Wishlist :star::star::star::star:

- Types of designs I'm into; Species-wise, I'm especially into taurs, werewolves, and anthros; I also really like designs inspired by nature :star::star::star:

- Designs by @/al-kem-y, @/agentcorrina, @/odvunir, @/VCR-Wolfe, @/kemikel, @/cinnabutt :star::star::star:

- HQ artwork; Must be same or higher quality than my own artwork :star::star:

- Money offers for characters with a listed value ONLY; You may only offer more money if a value has a  'plus' symbol, otherwise, it is a fixed price :star::star::star::star:


Will Not Accept:

- Species not listed on my species wishlist

- Low quality art or designs

- Points offers

- Money offers lower than the minimum price listed

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Interest Check: Official Designers

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 2, 2017, 2:06 PM

When the naja group was its own thing, I had appointed some official naja designers! But now that the naja group is merging with Lands-of-Threana, I'm doing an interest check for those who have been official naja designers in the past. For those of you mentioned in this journal, please let me know if you would like to keep your status as official designers. If not, I will simply remove your status. Mentions are as follows:

I have also made a requirements page for Official Designers and the current standard I expect of them. This is so I have some level of consistency for artists I recruit regarding not just artistic skill, but also level of activity, availability, etc. Feel free to ask me to remove your Official Designer status if you know you are unable to meet the current requirements. The requirements page is linked below!

>> Official Designer Requirements <<

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PSA for 2016 Naja MYO Contest Winners

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 19, 2017, 9:07 AM

I have been seriously putting off getting to your base transfers, and I sincerely apologize for this! Since judging last year's contest, I've come to really not enjoy using bases in my work as I find them rather tedious to edit. I really want to properly represent your characters and their individual quirks, and using a base wouldn't allow me to do that without heavy edits. I've been considering this for a while, and I think I've finally made up my mind to just draw each winning design individually in a pose of your choice! I will be tagging last year's winners for approval below:


Please comment below with your approval (or disapproval) of this alternative. If you approve, please note me with all necessary details regarding your drawing (pose, action, emotion, etc.)!

Thank you so much for your patience, everyone <3

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Major Species Update! Please Read

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 31, 2017, 10:52 AM

-- TL;DR Below! --

Yesterday I made a poll on both my profile and the naja group asking my watchers if it would be a good idea to merge The-Naja-Tribe and Lands-of-Threana. I had been contemplating this for some months already, but it seems both my watchers and myself have made a final decision. Before I explain to the changes though, I want to mention some reasons I had been pondering this in the first place:

1 -- Though najas were once a standalone species, I have since developed a number of other species for them to interact with. Said species are also very connected to the lore I have been developing, which now revolves mostly around Threana itself. My other species, namely spinneren and mantikel, have also become significantly more developed, closer to the level that najas are. After these developments, it almost feels wrong to keep them all so separate.

2 -- With a singular group, management would be much easier for me, especially considering I have no additional moderators or admins. It would also just keep things more organized and stay consistent with the masterlist account and my species TOS. I also think it would be a good way to bring some awareness to the fact I even have other species besides najas; A lot of my watchers have never seen a spinneren or mantikel from me. Additionally, other users wouldn't have to be responsible for following and/or participating two groups, as this would be incredibly inconvenient.

3 -- I have also been planning group activities that would involve faction-specific quests and storylines to follow, as well as a progress-based reward system where "players" could earn things like currency and companion pets; Originally, these activities were going to be naja-exclusive, but I'd much rather include my other species and have owners of spinneren and/or mantikel be able to participate as well. It would be exhausting to organize multiple activities for two different groups at a constant rate.

4 -- The Discord server I run isn't naja-exclusive as it revolves around all aspects of Threana, including all of its species. Having a singular group would keep discussion of events and such consistent between the group and the server! It would also ensure that those joining the server are people who are legitimately interested in my headworld itself rather than just one small aspect of it. As more people join, I hope to start raffling designs in the server from time to time, which certainly wouldn't just be naja designs.

5 -- I have seen similar types of species/group merging happen with other species on DA, so I fortunately wouldn't be the only species owner making this decision. For example, The-Aetherion, an upcoming group, is a perfect example of what I want to do with my own species; In fact, seeing it develop is what ultimately inspired me to consider making this decision. Though Kem's species were once all separate, they are now connected within their own collective group, like a vast, diverse community.

So now that the naja group is being merged with Lands-of-Threana, what specific changes will be made? I'll be making a number of updates, both large and small, but here are some major ones that will be implemented within the coming weeks:

- The-Naja-Tribe will be slowly reorganized before I completely close the group. The group will also be deleted once all relevant naja submissions and info are moved to Lands-of-Threana.

- Lands-of-Threana will be reorganized in preparation for the final merge. I will also be opening a donation pool (which I will also be contributing to) to upgrade it to Super Group status.

- I will be looking for mods to help me organize events and manage things like the bank and masterlist. I will also be clearing the current list of Official Artists and hire some new ones. I will be contacting all current artists for an interest check and to inform them of the updates occurring. I'll also be looking for volunteer artists to create decorations for the group, such as pixels, backgrounds, and illustrations for different journals.

- I will be deleting the current naja prompt application and will be creating a new set of applications with less restrictions. This application will be inclusive of all major Threana species.

- I will be passively looking for new Affiliates whose species will be able to be used in prompts and be sold alongside my own species.

- Unfortunately, naja hybrids are going to be considered noncanon within Threana and its lore, so no more will be created or sold until I, for whatever reason, decide otherwise. Those who own any designs from this guest adopt batch (Hybridchamaxnaja close) are free to draw their designs as is or turn them into full najas. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this!


Now that the poll results are in, and I've decided that The-Naja-Tribe and Lands-of-Threana will be merged into one group! All currently relevant naja artwork and documents will be transferred to Lands-of-Threana.

I had been considering this for a few months already, and a numerous amount of reasons brought me to this decision (see above).

A number of changes will be rolled out in the coming weeks to facilitate the transition from two groups to just one. See above for a brief list of these changes.

Thank you so much to my watchers and everyone who has contributed to my species for supporting their development and allowing me to share my creations with you all! I also thank you for your consistent patience throughout this small species hiatus as things finish developing. It means more to me than you can ever know. <3

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✧ TWWM Character Tracker✧

Arid Biome by Esk-Masterlist

008 by Esk-Masterlist

Esk 008 || Whisper || GP: 104

.: Succulents 01 :. by Angry-Green-Pie
Name -- Whisper
Age -- Young Adult
Gender -- Male

Origin -- Traveler
Boundary -- Arid
Nature -- Nervous
Size -- Little
Collection -- Succulent

Uncommon Traits -- None
Rare Traits -- None
Nature Features -- Ghost Echeveria
Accessories -- None
Familiars -- None

.: Succulents 01 :. by Angry-Green-Pie

Whispers In the Desert {Beta} by TheRiversEdge  Bug Eyed by Seffiron [TWWM] Gifts - Headshots 1-10 by darkmoondancer Esk collection by lackofa  Whisper By Vexvyrus by TheRiversEdge [GIFT] batch esk 2 by toyful Esk #008 | TheRiversEdge by BlazingBlackMage Whisper By Gatorstooth by TheRiversEdge  Succulent Collection by rejamrejam  004-013 by ZooofAlexandria ....Now what by DaffoDille  Some more esks by Animals4Eva {TWWM} Waterways Introduction by TheRiversEdge


✧ TWWM Player Profile✧

Lvl3 by Esk-Masterlist

[i]: sprout pixel by plushponTheRiversEdge [i]: sprout pixel by plushpon

Player Level: Sprout
Aura Points: 305

-- Characters --

008 by Esk-Masterlist

-- Achievements --

Beta tester badge by Esk-Masterlist

-- Treasures --

Ice lotus by Esk-Masterlist

-- Artwork --

f2u | succulents by tiqerteethresource

Fix for Broken Youtube Player

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 26, 2017, 3:50 PM

I'm noticing more and more people are having issues with their music players, but here's the fix! I used it, and now my player works perfectly.…

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Entertaining Offers On JRs [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 17, 2017, 2:30 PM

For a lot of reasons I won't delve into, I'm unfortunately beginning to fall out of love with Jolle Raptors. After a lot of thinking, I've decided to tentatively entertain offers on the two I currently own.


[Thall-made]… [PENDING FOR VexVyrus]
[Simo-made]… [PENDING FOR Seffiron]

Masterlist Entries:

Marsh Sunset
White Chocolate stars

Please read before offering:

- Only comment if you're offering! Non-offer comments will be hidden.

- Offers I'm interested in will be featured, while offers I decline will be hidden.

- Offers that do not contain any of the things I'm seeking will be hidden immediately.


Star!Star!Star! Species from my Species Wishlist! I might also accept MYO slots [if the slots are tradeable]

Star!Star! HQ one-off designs that match my Design Preferences!! I'm particularly interested in humanoids at the moment, but I'm open to pretty much anything

Artwork (only as an add-on!)

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Important Update! {I'M BACK}

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 29, 2017, 1:07 PM

I've returned from my vacation!! Still gotta settle back into my usual art routine before I start owed work again, but my goal is to have it all completely done this week. Thank you so much for your patience, everyone <3

Hi, everyone! It's time for another big update. TL;DR at the bottom!

First off, I will be out of town for a big family vacation out of the country from July 1st through July 11th. During this time, I will be unable to complete or upload any artwork, and I might also be unable to check messages, we'll see. My goal was to complete all owed art before the trip, but I don't think that's going to happen, unfortunately. I will be tagging everyone I owe art to so they see this journal. I will be finishing all owed artwork as soon as I am settled back home!

Trades: NauveStar, ClsekBear, Oscorix

I have also been hard at work this past week on the new Naja species database. There have been a lot of updates that I'm excited to reveal! After a few more pages on the database are complete, I will be re-introducing the species, rehauling the masterlist account, and rehauling the group. I also have some adoptable batches and a DTA event planned as well! My main priority though is getting last summer's MYO contest prizes finished, which were delayed due to school and the species rehaul. I will be tagging everyone I owe prizes to so they see this journal.

Prizes: Tellastar, Dogthatkills, mute-owl, MoxieMysteries, Squidub/TheBooksofTyme

Thank you for your patience! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


- I will be out of town for vacation from July 1st through July 11th and will be unable to complete any artwork during this time
- I will be finishing all owed art as soon as I'm back, including overdue MYO contest prizes from last summer
- I will be releasing the new Naja species database as well as reintroducing the species
- Please contact me with any questions or concerns

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New Species TOS!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 15, 2017, 5:04 PM

Just wanted to alert everyone that there is a brand new, fully updated TOS for all of my species. It is also called the Threana Species TOS since all of my species reside in/are affiliated with my headworld Threana. So far, this includes Najas, Spinneren, and Mantikels (test name; formerly Mannikel), as well as a new species in the concept stages! Please refer to this TOS from now on. 

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Character Trade Hub - OPEN

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 10:51 AM

Characters for Offers:

Not Tentative:……

Please Read Before Offering:

- Only comment here if you're offering! Non-offer comments will be hidden.

- Offers I'm interested in will be featured, while offers I decline will be hidden.

- Offers that do not contain any of the things I'm seeking will be hidden immediately.


:star::star::star: Species from my Species Wishlist! I might also accept MYO slots [if the slots are tradeable]

:star::star: HQ one-off designs that match my Design Preferences!! I'm particularly interested in humanoids at the moment, but I'm open to pretty much anything

:star::star::star: Swaps for the Fumi (
Painted Thug fumi 230), Astroflare (#018 - Endless Night), Mogi (MYO 23)</s>

:star: Artwork (I'd prefer this as an add-on, but I will accept it on its own if it's of particularly high quality

What I'm NOT Looking For:

:bulletred: Species not listed above

:bulletred: Cheap designs (ie. 50 point dogs, dragons, etc)

:bulletred: Cash/Points

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Naja Ramblings + Thoughts [UPDATE]

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 12, 2017, 1:54 PM

UPDATE: For the past few days, I have been working on fixing up the main things that were bothering me about the current Naja anatomy. After making a few tweaks and changes, I found them fun to draw once again! The first draft of the updates can be viewed in the photo below. This draft is currently on lined notebook paper [my apologies] since I made it in school, but I will soon be digitizing it for the Weebly database overhaul! Some things in the photo will also be listed in typed text in case anything is hard to read or needs further explaining:

Naja Updates First Draft by TheRiversEdge

The updated anatomical approach is inspired by the positive aspects of both the current and first iteration anatomy. This keeps the new anatomy more functional and fitting for the species and their activities while still keeping it familiar and not too drastically changed. They are now a little less deer-like and a little more feline/dragon-like as the species is supposed to be rather flexible and agile; which wouldn't work as well with ungulate anatomy.

- Notable changes include:
  - lower elbows, knees, heels, and wrists
  - longer, more flexible spines
  - more body and head shape variations
  - more options for hood types and placement
  - more feral eyes so the scleras aren't quite as noticeable
  - the veins now intersect near the chest area instead of being positioned directly under the "armpits" (this applies to Najas with both internal or external side veins)
  - now that Najas can eat other types of food, their teeth structure has been changed a bit to include molars and incisors
  - toes are still round, but can now be varying sizes and widths. Toe lengths can also vary some
  - Najas can climb trees and such similarly to cats! This is especially useful for food gathering and hiding from predators
  - "Sacs" are being renamed to bulbs
  - Naja breeds are being eliminated entirely in favor of more diversity with body types without disadvantages. There was also never a meaningful lore reason to have breeds in the first place. In short, the breeds just over-complicated body types

- Some updates not mentioned in the above draft include:
  - Restricted (Anomaly) traits will be separated into two categories: Ancestral and Mutations. Both trait types will be acquired in different ways and have lore-related explanations
  - A notable restricted trait (under the Ancestral category) is the presence of multiple hoods at a time.  Extra hood flaps may be located on the sides (somewhat like wings) and/or on the tail. Extra hood flaps can also layer each other by being present in the same location(s).
  - Their main food source (currently called "venomfruits") have been redesigned and will have updated info as to their significance and purpose
  - The Threana world map will be replaced with a more localized map of the known Naja territories and kingdoms

I feel a lil bad that both MYO contests I've held for Najas were right before big overhauls like this, so I apologize for the indecisiveness and inconveniences ;W; Fortunately, this will probably be the final Naja update that's this large. Any future updates will be just minor tweaks and additions to lore/story, NPC characters, rule and TOS changes, group changes, etc.

The Naja Weebly database is also getting an overhaul within the coming weeks! It will feature an updated layout, new illustrations, updated info organization, etc.

ALSO a very important note that I cannot stress enough: Don't let these updates make you feel like you have to draw them an exact way/how I draw them! You are free to interpret these anatomical characteristics however you please as long as they look somewhat recognizable. Artistic freedom is very important to me, and I would never want to heavily restrict anyone's art style or interpretations.

Thank you so much for your patience and support, everyone! I'm really looking forward to finalizing everything. Any constructive criticisms, tips, and suggestions are also 100% welcome!


Many of you have probably noticed I haven't been super active with Najas the past month or so... This is partly because, well, my tastes are kinda changing again?? I've gotten myself pretty involved with a lot of other species and have also been making more of an effort to practice more varied creature design lately. Due to this exposure to different ideas + my growth as an individual, I've found that my Najas are still VERY much a work in progress. I currently don't find their anatomy 100% enjoyable to draw quite yet, which is a little discouraging considering there are already so many nice contributions and character designs already submitted. I would really like to avoid inconveniencing current Naja owners, however I'd also like to really love Najas again and get that spark back.

Don't worry though! If I change anything anatomy related, it wouldn't be extremely major. They'd still definitely be totally recognizable. My main issue is that when compared to some other species (namely ungulate-like species), they look a little too similar for my tastes? They didn't always appear so deer-like, I kinda turned them into that as I was developing them due to the appeal for more ungulate species and more basic features. The first Najas looked much more "draconic" so I'd really like to bring them back to their roots in a sense.

I won't be changing the ungulate leg structure, but I would like to make them look less like obvious deer x cobra hybrids.

Traits I currently sorta dislike are namely the commonly short spines (they're supposed to be very flexible), some of the face shapes, hood placement (I'm experimenting with that), and some of the eyes (most of them look too human-like and give off a weird uncanny valley effect imo).

What I mainly want to experiment more with are their torso shapes.. perhaps make them a little more draconic or feline-like to allow for the flexibility I intended for them to have.

I may also experiment (again) with paw shapes, as they look a little too... generic? I've seen at least a few other species with similar paws, so I may make Najas' paws more draconic rather than round/dainty.

TL;DR: In short, I'm a bit dissatisfied with Naja anatomy to the point where I don't really enjoy drawing it as it is currently. I'm contemplating some [minor] reworkings which would largely bring them back to their more "draconic" roots as they are currently way too deer-like for my tastes. I want them to look less like clear cut deer x cobra hybrids and more like their own organism entirely.

Let me know what you think! Any feedback is largely appreciated as I continue to develop my species :> Thank you all for your patience!

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Tentative Akriri Swap/Trade [TRADED]

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 22, 2016, 12:42 PM

I've been doing a LOT of thinking regarding my Akriri/Birdfolk Solaera ;v; She's an MYO I designed last year (or super early this year?? can't remember) that I honestly love, but I unfortunately didn't really design her to be that fun (for me) to draw. I have sketched her in notebooks and stuff countless times, and I just can't ever get her to look right the way I designed her. I love her color palette a TON, however I gave her a lot of annoying markings that don't really match with the aesthetic I was trying to go for. I'm not saying her design is bad.. it's just not really for me? I honestly tried so hard to make her design work, but idk,, it just won't. I also considered maybe getting permission to redesign her, but I decided against it since she has a ton of art included with her :< I think a swap or trade would be best, especially considering I have an unused MYO slot I bought recently I can get a second chance with.

So to solve my dilemma, I was thinking maybe someone else may love and use her more than I do! Keep in mind I'm quite tentative as to who exactly I'd be trading her to.. I don't think I'll be giving her to just anyone.

Anyway, here she is:…

Here's what I'd be willing to exchange her for:

  • Swap with another Akriri/Birdfolk (Both Kel-del and MYOs are fine, though I'm picky) :star:
  • Renfair Monster
  • Chittercida :star:
  • Pouflon
  • Ramuken
  • Ocean Dragon
  • Weaver
  • Pillow Dragon
  • Aetherling :star:
  • Grem2 :star:
  • One-offs by mute-owl, odvunir, VCR-Wolfe, and other HIGH QUALITY one-offs

DO NOT offer:

  • :points:/$$
  • art (this can only be an ADD-ON to an offer, and it must be around the quality of what I'm seeking)
  • species designs that aren't mentioned in the above list
  • open species designs
  • links to or that are full of disorganized characters and folders I'd have to sift through; please just send me direct offers
  • cheap, low quality dog/cat/kemonomimi/whatever designs

If you offer things from the DO NOT offer list, I will immediately hide your offer.
If you offer something I'm seeking but may not be interested in, I will respond to you and eventually hide your comment after a certain amount to time (to save space).
If you offer something I'm seeking that I am interested in, I will feature your offer for future reference.

As I said above, I won't be giving Solaera to just anyone... I will be checking the profiles of people offering to make sure they won't use Solaera as trade fodder or something... That is the last thing I want happening to her.

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At long last, it’s finally time to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the 2016 MYO Naja Contest! The other judges and I spent quite a while thoroughly going through each and every one of the entries, carefully considering which should be crowned as the overall winners and grand prize winner.

To start off, here are the chosen Honorable Mentions!

Kala(Naja MYO contest entry) by Nituraa Naja Myo Contest | Sierra by TalonV MYO Naja Contest Entry by AN1k3T0S Naja MYO contest entry- Serafin by MisfitsOfSanity Naja MYO 2016 Contest Entry by DragonVenomCreations

Congratulations on placing as honorable mentions! Each of these designs really stood out to us and are designs we would love to see become official.

You receive the option to pay a discounted price of 500:points: (instead of 900) in order to make your Naja official. You also receive 10 spheres to spend in Masi’s Treasure Market.

Now to announce the Overall Winners!

MYO Naja Entry - Loki [OFFICIAL] by Dogthatkills Character by mute-owl Naja MYO by MoxieMysteries

Congratulations on being placed as winners! These particular designs really stood out to each of us judges, as well as the characters written for a few of them! The amount of care and enthusiasm with these entries is evident, and the design ability and overall aesthetic mesh extremely well with the world of Threana.

You receive the privilege of having your Naja designs become official, complete with base transfers and masterlist entries. You also receive 15 spheres to spend in Masi’s Treasure Market.

Now to Announce the Grand Prize Winner...






MYO Naja Contest: Nix by Tellastar

Congratulations on placing as this contest’s grand prize winner, Tellastar!

The amount of effort, care, and originality exhibited within this entry blew us away. The vast amount of well-presented detail shown in the reference and character description perfectly outlines the type of thought-provoking characters we’d love to see more of in the future of Naja! This entry is perfectly well-organized and enjoyable to read about and is certainly deserving of a Grand Prize title. We look forward to seeing more of him in the future!

You receive the privilege of having your Naja design become official, complete with a base transfer and masterlist entry. You also receive a full digital painting by TheRiversEdge of your winning Naja included with a background of your choice (note him for details)! In addition, you also receive 20 spheres to spend in Masi’s Treasure Market.

It’s a Wrap!

Thank you so much to all of the contestants for participating and contributing to the Naja community! And thank you to anyone else who advertised and otherwise supported the contest and community! We hope that this MYO contest will not be the last of them ;3c

For those of you who participated but did not place in the above categories, you all have the option of making your Naja official for 900:points: as well as 5 spheres to spend in Masi’s Treasure Market.

The MYO Contest 2016 folder in The-Naja-Tribe’s gallery will be re-sorted and eventually deleted once all design payments/etc. are finalized. Don’t let this worry you as you have an unlimited amount of time to save up points to make your Naja official (but also keep in mind that only 1 entry per person may become official!).

**Please contact TheRiversEdge with any questions or concerns.**