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Indominus Rex

Awesome movie, had to take a shot at drawing this
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WOW! This is a great, and scary, Indominus! A++ job.

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Wow that thing looks really scary. Looks like a dragon.

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a friend of mine is having troubles with his friend about one of your pictures saying he did it and that if my friend uses it for anything that he would get sued so i took your picture which is the one in question edited it and put your logo and name in the corner ill put the new pic in the comment amazing picture btw

Indominus Rex By Therisingsoul D92a1zw-redo To Ano
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Looks like a color glitch.

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Wow he looks more like a kaiju dino like Gorosaurus. I LOVE IT!
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I would love to see what would happen if we put indominus Rex through the same process but Godzilla went through I know technically indominus Rex and Godzilla are different species but I still think it would be cool I mean I've seen a spinosaurus version of Godzilla so why not indominus Rex?
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Not something you'd want to run into during both the dark and the light!

Awesome work, BTW! :D
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I've always thought Jurassic Park was goat racist.
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well i need new pants
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she is just awesome^^
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Aww what a cutie :love:
I painted her too :) But this is the most badass one I've seen :D
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It look's like a dragon
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Looks like a snake
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I think your version is better than the one in the movie because it bears more snake like features and its cool :)
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I don't know which is scarier...the Velociraptors when they turn against the humans...or this insane bastard.
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Ah the mathematician's answer....I can dig it.
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i'm not whatever the random you called... but i was saying the truth...
Sharpman01's avatar… - use this link to understand what I meant.
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Pure awesomeness, I love it!
(That poor goat though.. XD)
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Awesome piece of art.

Very ominous looking, I like it a lot.
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Great work. Love the atmosphere, he really seems threatening here, much better than the movie.
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it looks like godzilla. a little bit
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