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Hey there, deviants!

This is a group specifically designed for the social interaction and support of all therians who wish to do so. As such, please keep all comments positive. If you don't like it, don't comment.


As a request to all new members, please provide your theriotype/kintype upon application. If you are unsure, that's okay, just please tell us. Thank you!

We have a chatroom!…
When you apply to become a member, please write what theriotype (or otherkin form) you are. If you are unsure, please write that. Your request will not be accepted without this information. We would like to keep a running list of our member demographics.
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How Dare The Fool
Spitting hate burning my tongue,
Clenched fists believing in ghostly strength,
Nails biting pinked crescents into my palms,
The anger stirs and tenses,
She gathers her energy from behind my eyes,
Tinting everything red and hazy….
My head tilts forward,
My eyes singe any unfaithful soul in my sight,
And I feel my teeth grind,
My voice carrying hateful, malicious words of revenge, retorting and twisting every misdirected phrase,
Clawing the air with electrifying negativity…
How dare he,
How dare he,
How DARE he say such things to my kin, my family…
Taking short, unfulfilling breaths,
I raise my gaze to search the crowd of unconcerned idiocy,
And see the crown of my treasured human…
Somewhere beneath this crimson haze,
I hear the slow chant, "Kyubbi, Kyubbi, Kyubbi….I need...him…"
His name circles my mind uneasily,
And the voice of the fool draws back my insanity,
Instantly I have left, and she takes over again….
This anger overcomes me, my skin shaking and hurting,
Her frustration is so
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 9 14
This Is Me
I am not sure of much anymore,
As I sit here under a softened light,
And muffled tunes of music drift into the air like smoke,
I simply sigh and ponder over everything….
What is it when you cannot be free…
When you are trapped forever, eternity…
Tied up and caged in,
Masquerading in a human skin…
If I swim long enough,
Within the depths of feline thoughts,
A bitter hatred and anger,
Boil resentment for those against my kind…
           Are we not all living our own stories to tell,
                                         Can we not all be free?
It is only nature for there to be control….
For someone to stand up and crown their own brow…
I suppose to say we are all equal would anger so many…
           Are we not all living our own stories to tell,
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 8 20
Wolf Hat by KayPikeFashion Wolf Hat :iconkaypikefashion:KayPikeFashion 4,469 252
The Truthful Realm
If I were to look through a different world,
I could see you smiling softly,
Your hand stroking something orange-furred and sleeping.
On your left is a golden-eyed tabby,
Her tail striped with three dark rings,
Her whiskers long and patience thin,
But heart, greater than the sun.
Sitting there beside you,
Is what I feel to be…
In this alternate world,
Where spirits run true,
That is where I am…
I look up to you,
I feel for you,
I forgive your every sway,
And I feel envious of this other realm,
Every breaking day.
Because if I were to be what I am.
I'd be with you most afternoons,
You'd come home and I'd be there waiting,
Waiting just for you.
And around my neck would be a ribbon,
Golden with my name,
And you smile as you placed your palm upon my brow,
And chuckle when I purred.
I am often envious of this other realm,
Where spirits run as they are true,
Because what my therian side is telling me,
Is that I belong with you
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 7 2
Lost in the Static
Shadowed figure and prickled brick,
Sheening metal and  shocking screams,
Chipping paint and whispered pain,
Thundering feet,
Barbed lightning choking me…
Distractions, distractions….
Clawed hands gripping denim,
An urge to wander…to just…walk….away…
Shaking my head….tangled hair….
Shadowed figure….I'm the shadowed figure…
You'll never notice me…
Disintegrating in the static…
Falling apart with no aide….
A heartless smile…
A painted star…
A lost dream…
Shadowed figure….that's me…
You'll never know,
Because I'll just walk away…
From what I don't want to see….
Don't want to hear…
Don't want….to fall apart….
Yet again…
I would rather get lost in the static…
Hide, cover my ears, comforted by nothing….no one…
I'm just a wanderer…
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 17 35
A Lone Therian
The more I search for her, the more I feel her.
This feline purring under my skin,
Her tail coiling like one of my stray curls…
Her eyes become mine,
Slanted and gold,
And I place my hands…paws…
Into the overgrown grass and leaves.
Stretching my fingers,
I grip the earth,
And enjoy this…her…
If only I had another who understood this connection to instinct…to animal…
Someone who knew it more, and would care for me as only a therian knew how…
Laying back in the grass, I sit in the sun,
I let it paint my skin with tan stripes and smokey wind…
Yes, If only I had another…
Who would play as only a therian knew how…
Lazily, I watch a dragonfly flit across this emerald sea,
Leaves clapping create the sounds of breaking waves….
What I wouldn't give to have someone to pounce….
To paw…
To run…
Yes….If only….
Being therian…alone…is not much fun at all….
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 24 33
Feline Freedom
Sometimes, I just want to shrug off this skin,
And step out as my spirit's form.
To be able to unzip this body like a suffocating winter coat.
Sometimes, I just dream of what it would feel like,
What it must be like to be my feline-half…
Stifled inside this clumsy, lumbering form.
Watching another place her paws gracefully in place,
Her tail held coyly above her,
I envy her freedom.
Sometimes, I just want to be able to actually be this other part of me…
I feel pity that she must wait,
And control her urges, her instinct, her anger…
I feel how much she yearns to explore, and be released…
But we both know we are feeling the same…
What I wouldn't give, to set us both free…
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 10 21
A Cat Therian's Experience
Personally, I love to be touched.
Not quickly or harshly,
But slowly and gently.
As if someone was trying to memorize every line, every hair…
I love the contact,
It sends a shock through my skin,
Tingling, electrifying, shivering,
A white, cool ice, twists around my spine and cradles my skull in static.
It's like no other feeling.
And it could be from anyone.
My sister braiding my hair,
A friend and his playful feather,
The gentle scratch of pen on skin,
It thrills me,
And sends me into a momentary high,
I completely understand,
Why cats love to be petted.
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 32 28
Only Half Lupine
The silenced moon blinks from above,
Watching me howl under my fur,
My tail dragging in the dirt,
Covering itself with dust and debris.
They'll never know what it's like,
To feel the cold stare of blood,
To know you are not one,
But only half lupine…
A stretched whine escapes my teeth,
And the heads of those who claim love, turn,
I cannot possibly be fully accepted as one of them,
All for something out of my control….
Outside the pack, I watch and linger,
They accept me, but they do not,
And I am silently separated…
I would protect them!
I would love them!
I would fight for them, lead them!
But it is not my path to do so…
I will not be a pity case for their pack…
My paws softly graze the worn paths of night,
I gaze through the thickened trees,
This darkened forest, a maze of my life,
I will never find my way…
I am not fully one, or the other,
And for this reason,
I howl silently to myself as to not be heard,
For even if they sympathize, they will never kno
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 9 7
Therian Thoughts
I can feel her,
Tensed up and ready to strike,
It's almost like a rubber band,
That's been stretched too thin.
Such tension,
Her golden eyes waiting for the band to snap,
And then, she'll pounce.
I can feel her when I'm angry,
When I'm annoyed and stressed,
She purrs and reminds me,
Of what she would do if she were let out.
Strike, Claw, Snarl,  Growl,…attack.
But then she also compels me, this beautiful cat.
She is truly beautiful,
She is the best and worst part of me all together.
When I am angered to the cliff's dangerous edge,
I can feel her stretching her lean muscles,
Preparing to take over,
To unleash her feral feline behavior.
Sometimes she wins…but other times, I catch my own attention,
And remind her I am strong.
That I …can…do…this…
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 22 8
Summer Nights
My pale arm pulls back the gossamer curtain,
Revealing a field, teal-colored in the moonlight,
Summer-sighted crickets sing repetitively,
Owls conduct their own orchestrations from above.
How much beauty does a summer night possess?
The heat is heavy but a swift breeze sweeps it away,
The moon above is silent but observant.
Slowly, I step on the soft emerald grass,
Heavenly scents flutter upwards towards my face.
I smile greatly as to welcome the moon,
Her power wields my blood like the ocean's waves,
And I feel my heart fly from my chest,
Contained only by skin.
My gown is thin and laced,
I hardly feel a distinction from skin and air,
I twirl around with my arms at length,
My hair swaying long after I've stopped.
Laughter shakes my nervous chest,
The fireflies greet my fascinated spirit,
I cannot grasp the beauty of these wondrous summer nights.
I fall down into the earth's blanket,
Combining the Mother's heart beat with my own,
I feel complete but yet…
I look over at my open han
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 1 0
Spirit Animal Guide
Give me a moment,
To look in your eyes,
Let me guide you deeper,
I will hold your hand,
Let me guide you deeper,
Into your untouched soul,
Let me guide you deeper,
Let me make you whole.
Listen but observe every detail,
There under your soul's humane tether,
Lies a sleeping form.
For every spirit, there is an animal,
This defines our true identity,
Once you coax out your feral half,
Your heart finds true clarity.
Can you see now?
Can you feel him/her?
That tense form restraining its natural power?
Accept him/her willingly,
And realize he/she is you.
Look at me now,
Look in my eyes.
Do you not see my true spirit?
I may be human mostly,
But my other half is feline.
I have accepted her as she is me,
I have acted calmly and protectively,
Knowing she exists inside my heart.
Her blood and my own paint the same veins,
Our voices thrum together,
A harmonious bond between cat and human.
:icontopazcat511:topazcat511 2 0






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