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Chuck Norris Wallpaper

There is no 'ctrl' button on Chuck Norris's computer. Chuck Norris is always in control.

download for 1600x1200

EDIT: I now also have a widescreen version of this wallpaper [link]
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Then how does he Ctrl Alt Del?
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In Soviet Russia, chuck norris still kicks your ass.
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LOL! I love it!
soldiersgirl's avatar
This is fantastic. Gotta love the chuck. :D :D :D
Wariogirl-64's avatar
Yep. He's that awesome :iconswagplz:
thereverend3k's avatar
thank you, respect the roundhouse.
FlamingBadger84's avatar
You win at life for this!
thereverend3k's avatar
word to your mother, thanks.
thereverend3k's avatar
thanks, yo

it loves you too
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his chest hair could round house kick you to the next century.
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OMFG!! I really LOL this!! :lol::XD:
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hahahahah thats awesome xD
In his spare time, Chuck Norris like to nit sweaters. And by nit I mean kill, and by sweaters I mean babies.
modest-matt's avatar
hahaha fuckin awsome!
maister-purr's avatar
LMFAO. I'm showing this to my friends.
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Hahaha i love it!
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