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Being a Slave to Video Games
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So I’m getting two plushies off Amazon. I asked my fiancé to mail them to me on the last week of March.
So I think I'm getting addicted to Pokemon TCG. I'm constantly searching for another Tapu Lele GX, with no luck and it caused me to waste my money. The packs are like crack.
So no one dare comment on my idea of going to Montreal Comic Con. I'm not going because I'll be seen as the creepy old weeb. Besides, I need to save money and I'll be doing my work in the summer.
So I found the official English version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone. Edited it so I can has it in my iTunes, along with some SM albums. Just one week left.
One week till I get my iPod. Just took a shower and did my chore. Bought two dresses today. I'll have a busy 4 day week next week.

So despite being ruined from playing AC3, should I stil...

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  • Go die in a fire, Fangirl.
  • You should be improving your drawing skills before attempting to draw Conner.

What Color of iPod Nano should I get?

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  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Yellow

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  • You're lame if you play Easy Mode

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  • EL James is a money grabbing CUNT
  • I'll never support this woman.
  • Well, literature is really spinning itself to an early grave.

Are Women Writers This Naively Moronic? http://www.huff...

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  • This is why I stick to Fanfiction, thank you very much.
  • Guess Racism still exists. Did she just wrote that?
  • EL James, Meyer and now Voyt are hacks because their ideals in their stories bring out constroversaries.
  • Go die loser, you're just jealous that these women done something in their lives than playing video games. So suck it.
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