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Calypso in Doll Form

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Calypso recreated by DollDivine by ~Lin-West

Name: Calypso
Profession: Doctor Demon
Age: Unknown. Human Disguise is in his late 30s.
Likes: Patients.
Dislikes: Loneliness.
Bio: Calypso is a doctor who receives his payment for healing the sick and wounded by feeding off people's sensual desires. He believes the more you treat a human right, the more willing they are to give you what you want.
Acts like an incubus, but doesn't seem to think he is one.
Calypso has a new patient that fears him touching her. Her hypersensitivity had caused her to avoid many doctors and get very sick in the process, which leads her to poor health problems.
Eventually, he will get to her.

Problem is, this patient is YingGirl, the pretty suited "Eagle Girl".
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