I Wish Stop Loving Frozen (I Wish Hate Frozen Now)

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Here Are The Reasons

Frozen Only Gave Me Problems, People Maded Fun Of Me Just For Like Hans :bademoticon: (he Is My Favorite Character In All The Movie.) And Shipping Helsa.

Not Only That, I Ship Jelsa Too, But People Think Im Only Causing Another Civil War, And Jackunzel Fans Says I Shouldnt Have Shipped Jelsa. :bademoticon: 

Here Are More Reasons Why Frozen Only Gave Me Problems :bademoticon: 
<da:thumb id="600197605"/> HANS HATERS KEEPS BULLYNG ME!, FROZEN FEVER :(:icontumblrplz: My Tumblr 
:icontwitterplz: My Twitter
Today Is Other Of My Worst Days, And IS ONE OF THE WORST EVER!!!!!!
Today, My Aunt Wanted To Take Me To See "Cinderella", I Liked The Movie, But..............:The Short Of Frozen Fever........NO!
Just When It Begin I Wanted To Close My Eyes And Ears, But My Aunt Told Me "Cmon, You Love Frozen", I Told To Her "I Loved It, Before Bullies And Hans Haters Maded Me Loose That Love",
The Song.........I Cant Descibe It.
And It Supposed To Be Released In A Friday 13th? Well, That Was A Bad LucK Curse, JASON, KILL ME!!
Ive Talked About This Before, But I Love Frozen, But My Fav Character Is Hans (PLEASE, DONT MORE STABS OR PUNCHES!!!, I HAD ENOUGH!!), I See Everybody Hates Him Because He Betrayed Anna And Tried To Kill Elsa, But I FORGIVE HIM.
I Learned Something Before, IF A CHARACTER IS HAT
Im Tired Of Be Bullied By Hans Haters. I Nd HelpIm Tired Of Be Bullied For Be A Fan Of Hans.
What I Did Wrong? Love Him? Just Because He Tried To Kill Elsa? For Be A Lier?
Someone Who Said Hans Should Be The Character Of All People Needs To Hate Thats Hurted Me.
I Learned One Thing When I Saw Total Drama Revenge Of The Island Seening The Whole Fandom Hating :icontdrotiscottplz: Scott, If A Character Do Something Bad, The Whole World Will Hate Him Forever And Never Gonna Be Forgiven.
I Loved That Scott, I Tried To Do Stuff For Make People See His Good Side, But They Said It Was Useless.
This Guy :iconakira500: Said That To One Scott Fan, But I Heard He Was A Bully Here, Thanks To God I Was Right.
In That Moment This Girl :iconscott-dawn: Was That Asshole Who Maded Everybody Hates Scott, She Stole Fanarts And Edited Them As Dott, And She Called Me Gay When Im Not Gay And Im Unknow Gender (Im A Imp).
When I Heard About The Rumors, The Same Crisis Begin But With Hans.
And Hans Haters Have The Fault On This Too.
Oh Haters, If Only People
I Wish Hate Kristoff, But I Cant Hate HimThats Something Of I Wish Hate, But He Is So Cute, Even If He Was A Child.
I Say This Just Because The World Hates Me Just For Be A Fan Of Hans, If People Hate Kristoff They Know What I Feel, But I Cant Hate Kristoff Cuz He Is Cute, But I Like Hans More.
If The World Knews What I Feel After Seening People Hating Hans And His Haters, They Could Melts Their Hearts, But It Wont Gonna Happen.
I Wish Back To Draw Jelsa Stuff, But I Cant :(Thats One Of The Things Of I Want To Back To Draw Again, But I Cant For Many Reasons.
1- I Have Watchers Who Hates Jelsa And I Dont Want To Bother Them.
2- I Had Enough Comments Of Jackunzel Fans Ignoring My Warnings Of "If You Are A Jackunzel Fan, Dont Comment, So You Can Avoid Problems" But They Comment Anyway, The 4 Special Persons Who Breaked The Rules Are :iconguardtangled331::iconmichelleblitzgirl::iconandrealonely: And :iconrpcarlyshay: (Even Worse With Her Maded Me Hate More ICarly).
3- Some People (But More Jackunzel Fans) Said My Oc Who Is Jelsa Child Is A Dick.
I Hope That Thing Never Happens With My Passion To Gravity Falls.

I Wish Back To Jelsa, But I Cant.
Jackunzel Acted Like A Terrorist (Maybe Elsanna Too).
Im Pissed Off.
What Im Gonna Do?


<da:thumb id="501028623"/> .:. Frozen Tragedy: Jelsa: Against The World .:. by TheReedRaptor<da:thumb id="478680843"/><da:thumb id="477277908"/><da:thumb id="470442350"/> .:. Frozen Guardians Family .:. by TheReedRaptor<da:thumb id="445086174"/> .:. No Their Daughters .:. by TheReedRaptor .:. Jelsa : I Am A Monster? .:. by TheReedRaptor<da:thumb id="403128818"/>




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I don't think that Frozen is what gave you your problems.

If you don't mind advice from a complete stranger, I can only offer this chestnut: "Life is too short to spend it on toxic people."
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Hang in there buddy this depression will go away soon and through the journey I'll be holding your hand
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Back then, when i felt like Anna or Elsa would be uncomforable on changing their decision about how they go on Hans, and i had to accept that you'll always defend him (I still hate Hans, but people are allowed their own opinions), Frozen also started to give me problems because of that. I noticed even before this was submitted. Though Hans isn't that ugly, so i don't exactly see him fitting as a villain, meaning i sometimes wish he never betrayed Anna and Elsa in the first place :| (Blank Stare) 
I also find it unusual that you ship both Helsa and Jelsa, since you usually ship the same character with only 1 other character (Like Finn and Mordecai).

Giving how much our friendship has gone through war, i definitely have learned my lesson, yes, i have indeed. I was wrong about being wrong about you. Like people say, "Giving a Second chance is not always a Bad idea".
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that's fans for ya hense why i'm ashamed to be in the undertale fandom
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Hey, I am the creator of the group; x-frozen-x.deviantart.com/

Do what you want, I get bullied for not liking Elsanna (which is heavily messed up because they are sisters) and it often gets my group bashed because they say that I as the creator does not accept gays because I don't allow or accept the Elsanna ship.

Just stand by what you like and do what you want, if they continue it, its the internet, delete what they say or ignore it. Best you can do.
If you do not do that then you can also stop liking Frozen, I cannot tell you what you want to do only give you suggestions.

I hope everything gets better for you, I wish you the best :hug:
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Ignore the hate and love what you want!

                       Frozen- Sister hug 
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I'm so sorry to hear that.  Just ignore them.  :(  Sure there are some rude people out there, but there's plenty of people who do support you.  You're worth it!  
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Please do not kill yourself. You have so much to live for. :hug:
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you had right about pogorikifan10, forgive me

i wish have cheers for continue drawing
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I forgive you. And I'm sure you can find the courage to draw in no time.
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