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A Small Love Affair
by The Reducer

I recently found this journal and decided to update what I start over seven months ago when my life changed for the better and I found the love of my life.

It all started at the end of  the semester.  I was working in the lab at the college.  I was a lab assistant/teacher.  Professor Toyogub saw the potential to the country’s, or the world’s (according to him), best chemist and inventor ever seen since Edison.  I didn’t think so but I always downplay myself while I build up the people around me.  I was one of  those kids who was smarter than the rest and was pushed through school faster than the rest.  I graduated high school when I was 16 and college when I was 19.  The Professor saw the potential and asked if I could stay on to help him and bring some creditability to the school Science Department.  I said OK because I lived close to the college in the house that my parents left me when they died four years ago in a car accident, they had a great lab to work in and I knew of no other place in my life.  Once in a while, I would teach one of the Professor’s classes.  That’s where I met the girl of my dreams.  Her name was Angel Mercury.  She had a body like Pamela Anderson and the face of Cindy Crawford.  She was beautiful and about five foot eight.  But I could never get the nerve to talk to her anywhere else except class and that was only on the subject of the day.  I found out that she had a boyfriend, so I stay at campus distance and lusted after her knowing I could never have her.

I was working late one night.  I’ve been working on a formula to use on circuitry to reduce their size.  I theorized that a ray would disrupt the programming on anything placed on the board.  So I figured a bath type liquid that wouldn’t be corrosive would do the trick.  But I wasn’t having any success with it.  On the computer model, it worked but in reality-NOTHING!  The Professor had stopped by a few hours ago to tell me that he was taken the semester break to visit relatives in Japan and would be gone for about four weeks.  He told me that all his classes on the fourth week were canceled so he wanted me to get out of the lab and live a life for once.  He knew that would never happen until I figured out what was wrong with the formula.

My computer was set in the back of the lab and facing away from the door so I couldn’t see anyone come in.  I don’t know what time it was but I heard the door open and figured that it was the Professor coming to check on me one more time before he left.

“Excuse me, Mr. Johnson.  Is the Professor around?”

I glanced up and almost tripped over myself when I saw that it was Angel who came in.  She was dressed in a spandex sports bra and panties over leggins.  Everything was tight on her and she looked a little sweaty.

“Hi Angel, no the Professor is going to here for a number of weeks.  He went back to Japan to visit some relatives.  Why?”, I asked.

“I want to talk to him about the grade I got on the last test.”    “Well, there isn’t anything I could do for you on the grade until he comes back.  So how about I take a break and walk you back to the dorm be cause it’s late.”

Angel thought about it.  “OK, I guess.  Too bad, you couldn’t change it for me.”

“I’ve got to print up something to look at back home.  Wait here.”, I said.

I walked to the other side of the back of the lab to where we kept the printer.

“Mr. Johnson, do you mind if I grab something to drink?  I just jogged over here from the gym and I’m kinda thirsty.”

“No problem.  I’ve got some soda on the counter by the sink.  It might be flat by now since I opened and haven’t had any for a long while.”

I waited by the printer while it printed up the last stuff that I worked on.  I figured I would look at it back home and do some more work in my lab in my basement.

“Yea, you were right!  That’s the flattest Coke I ever tasted.”, laughed Angel.

I didn’t pay too much attention at first to her comment.  Then as the last page was coming up, I thought “I don’t drink Coke and didn’t bring any into the lab.”  OH NO!

I dropped the paperwork and ran over to Angel.  I saw that the beaker that had the formula in it was lower than before and the beaker that I had my Sprite in was about the same height as it was the last time I touched it.

“Angel, did you drink out of the beaker with the brown liquid in it?”

“Yea, I had your Coke.”

“I don’t drink Coke.  You just drink some of a formula I’ve been working on.”

She looked panic.  “Am I going to die?  Did you poison me?  What did you do?”

“Hold on.  With this stuff, if it was poison you would be talking to me right now.  What the formula is suppose to do, it hasn’t it yet on anything I’ve tried it on.  So don’t worry.”

She calmed down a little.  “I do feel tingly right now.  I could be just the rush I felt from the scare you gave me.”

I ran over to the computer and a simulation of the formula on a human being to see what would happen.  It only took a few minutes for the results to come through.  I look at the results and I went white.  I think it’s time to tell Angel what the formula is suppose to do.

“Angel, I’ve got to tell you about the stuff you drank.  I was working on a reducing formula.”

She interrupted, “Oh, a new weight watch thing, uh.”

“No, I mean REDUCING as in shrinking.”

With that she shrieked, “I’m going to be a foot tall!”

Just after that, I noticed that her tight spandex was getting looser and she was getting smaller.

“Angel, it’s starting.  Just stand still for a second.”

She turned around in the spot she was standing as she watched things starting to get bigger.

As I watched I realized that when she gets smaller, her clothes might smother her.  She now was a foot shorter and getting smaller faster.

“Angel, let your clothes fall.  I’m going to pick you up and put you on the counter so you wouldn’t get stepped on.”

She was holding her top and bottoms in place. She shook head and let go of them.  Her panties and leggins fell to the floor and her top was just hanging on her shoulder.  I approached her cautiously and placed my hand under arms.  As I picked her up, her top fell to the floor.  Here I was holding a full grown woman who was shrinking and was completely naked in my hands.  I had my hands on either side of her and as she shrank her breast rested on my thumbs.  I was started to get a hardon but I had to think of her safety first.

When I put her on the counter, she was just under three feet.  She covered herself up with her hand and just watched.  I went over to my desk to get a yardstick.  As I put it next to her, she just passed the two foot mark and was still getting smaller.  All I could do was watch and wish that I had a video camera in the lab to record this for the future and my own personal pleasure later (just the idea of my dream girl naked in front of me was unbelievable).

At the foot mark, she stopped shrinking.  “I’m a foot tall.  What are you going to do, now?”

“First, I think I better take you to my home and take care of you until we can get you back to normal.  Second, I’ve got to record this because this might never happen again.”

“You made me a fucking experiment and you are going to leave me like this!  I want get out of here.”

“Now wait!  You’re a foot tall.  How are you going to take care of yourself?  You can’t go back to the dorm like this.  You’ve got no clothes on, everything is way out of your reach and you’ll be treated like a freak and taken to some sideshow.  I want to correct this and hope I can prevent this from happening again.  I’m going to put yourself in a bag and then you on top of them.  I’ll bring you home and I’ll set you up with as much stuff so you can have somewhat of normal life until I can get you back to normal.”

She realized that I was right.  I quickly printed up the results and started to pack up her clothes and shoes in my backpack.  I approached her.

“Are you ready?”  She shook her head yes.  I reached out to her.  She flinched a little.  My hand circled her waist and I picked her up.  She weighed less than a pound.  I want to look closer at her but I felt this was the time to do it.  I placed her in the bag and closed it.  I quickly ran out to my car.  I placed gingerly on the front seat the bag and tossed the printout in the back.  I was wondering what was going to happen to us now.

Just before I started the car, I opened the bag so Angel could see what was going on.

“How long before we get to your house?”

“About twenty minutes.” I told her as I buckled the bag in so that it would bounce around.

“What are you going to tell your boyfriend about the time you’ll be missing?”, I asked.

She frowned, ”We broke up a week ago and he’s dating Mary now.”

I didn’t know that.  “I’m sorry.  Anyone I should get a hold of to tell so they don’t miss you.”

“No.  My parents are in Hawaii and wouldn’t be back for two months and my roommates went back home.”

We pulled up to my house.  I picked up the bag and everything else.  Angel was standing up in the bag as we walked in.  “This is your house.  It’s real nice and huge even if I was tiny.” “Well, I spend more time in the lab at the campus than here. So if there is a mess, please excuse it.”

I walked into the den and placed the bag on my desk.  I picked Angel up and place her on the desk.  She was still covering herself.  I opened my top drawer and handed her a clean silk hankie that I kept there for my suits (when I really wear!).  She made a toga out of it and felt a little more comfortable now.

“What did your printout show?”, she asked.

“It showed that the formula might work in certain body chemistry and I got scared that your might be one.  Well, you proved it right.”

“So now that I’m here, how are you going to take care of me.”

“Well, are you hungry?”

“No, but I would like to take a shower or bath because I’m still sweaty from that run I had before.”

I thought for a moment where we could do this.  “I’ll take you to my bathroom and you could bathe in the sink.  I’ll take a shower while you bathe.  If you don’t mind?”

“That’s OK.  And where will I sleep?”

“I’ll figure that out on the way up stairs.”  I reached over and picked her up.  We went upstairs to my bedroom.  I looked around quickly to figure where she could sleep.

I decide to have sleep in the drawer where I keep my quilts.  I placed Angel on the bed and pulled the drawer out to place it on the floor.

“This drawer will do nicely for you.  Here’s a facecloth, you can you that for a towel.”

I picked her up again and brought her in the bathroom.  I filled the sink for her and turn my back, to give her privacy.  I heard her splash in and swim about.  I didn’t want to stare anymore than I have in the past few hours.  I changed out of my clothes and jump in the shower for a very cold shower.

She called out to have me help her out.  I put the towel around and came out to see what she needed.  When I got out, I saw that she got out by herself and was standing there naked.

“I dropped my towel.  It’s on the floor and it seems to be too far down for me.”

When I bent down to pick it up, I dropped MY towel and I had a raging hard-on because of her beautiful body even though tiny.

She giggled as she took the towel from me.  I quickly covered up and apologized.

“That’s OK.  I mean I’m kinda of from the touching.  I’m controlling it though.”

I laughed and picked her up.. I placed her in HER bed.  I wished her a good night and I tried to sleep.

I woke up and rushed over to the drawer to see if yesterday was a dream.  I found her still there.  I figured that I might as well get stuff for her since she might be this size for the rest of her life.  I made a list for the toy store and just in case I figured a bunch of silk handkerchief for her to wear.

When Angel woke up, I brought her downstairs and told her about my errands.  I left and about two hours later, I came back with some Barbie clothes and the hankies.  The doll clothes were a little too heavy for her to wear.  So Angel took the hankies and made bikinis, togas and other types of wraps for herself.

I tried to keep my mind off sex as we talked.  I figured since we were going to live together for a long time I would tell about myself.  When it came to the time about my nonexistent sex life, she giggled.

“What so funny about that?  Most of my life has been learning and in the company of women who a couple years older than me.  They wouldn’t even look at me like a date.  I was more of a kid brother to them.  So I can’t help it if I’m a virgin!”

“I’m not laughing AT you.  I’m laughing WITH you!  I’m a virgin, too.  I know what the rumors are around campus and that why that big dumbie of a ex-boyfriend thought hen he was dating.  Just another easy lay.  When I told him that I wasn’t gonna give my  virginity to him, he throw a fit and ran out calling my every name in the book.  It got around campus that I was a prick tease and would never put out.  It’s just that I haven’t found the right man yet.”

Well, I was embarrassed.  I apologized and made it up to her by order dinner out.  We talked some more and went to bed.

It was towards the end of the first week together that things changed between us for the good.  I was down in my lab at home studying some more results while Angel was laying nude on the table on the sealed in porch overlooking the lake.  She wanted to work on her tan, she said.

I was coming up the stairs and saw Angel shaking and bouncing on the table.  I cautiously went over to see what was the matter.  It seemed that my little doll women was giving herself some pleasure and fingering her clit.  She was facing away from me so she never saw me coming up to her until it was too late.

I stood there and watch and when she turned her head she realized that she wasn’t alone.

“I’m sorry, Frank.  I thought I was alone and I was just getting horny.  With all the touching from you carrying me, running around naked sometimes and maybe the formula ...well,”

“I understand.”

I turned to walk away.

“Frank.  Hold me.”

I reached over toward her and wrap my fingers around her.  I laid her in the crock of my arm.  With my finger, I traced her jawline and caressed her hair.  Her hair felt like silk.  Angel was moaning with each touch.  I moved down and gently rubbed her breasts.  Her nipples responded to the touch and stuck out.  I was getting aroused myself.  She grabbed my finger and pushed down toward her pussy.

I was a little wary of doing this but I let her guide my finger along.  When I reached her pubic area, Angel let out a deeper moan and spreaded her legs.  I took and place my finger between her legs and started to rub.  Angel started to buck wildly in my arm and shook like crazy.

“I love what you’re doing!  I feel it!  Oh, My God, I want to be bigger to take your finger inside of me!”

She had her eyes closed and kept squirming but I noticed that she was starting to change.  She felt heavier and getting more as time went by.  I looked at her and saw that she was growing.  I kept rubbing to make her satisfied but I was amazed at the changes I was seeing.

Finally she stopped growing.  She was about the size of a small infant and still fit in the crock of my arm.  Now her pussy felt bigger and almost inviting to my finger.  I inserted my finger slowly.  She let out a cry of pleasure that if she was normal sized would have broken every window in my house.  As my finger went deeper, she thrusted her hips up higher in the air to take it in.


I kept up the rhythmic motion of my finger in her pussy until she shudder and I felt her orgasm all over my arm and finger.  I pulled my finger out and laid her on the table.  I sat down and stared at her in amazement.  Such a tiny body could hold all that energy.

“That felt good, Frank.  I loved it and you.”  Then she noticed my face as she laid there.

“Angel, You’ve grown!”

“”WHAT?” she sat up and looked around the table.  She noticed that everything was smaller than before.  She ran towards me and tried to get her arms around my neck.

“I’m going to be normal again!”

“Hold on.  You stopped growing right now.  It might happen in spurts or not again.”

“I don’t care.  I’m not a doll anymore.  I’m almost a normal person.  You could past me off as a midget.”

I looked in her eyes.  There was more there than I knew what she wanted.

“Well, Angel.  You’re big enough to sleep in the bed now.  I’ll get one of the guest rooms ready for you and fix it so you can get in bed.”

“No!  I’m sleeping with you.  I don’t what to left alone anymore.  No boyfriend and sleeping in the drawer is no picnic either.  So you’ve got a roommate and a bed partner all in one package.”

All I could do was laugh.  She was right.  Even if I insisted too have sleep elsewhere, she might have found a way into my room and in my bed.  So we went upstairs, and for the first time Angel walked up them herself.  We set up and box on one of the side and made sure she could get in.  Now that she was bigger, she wanted to do things on her own.  So I stepped back and let her.  I only had to help when she want the shower turned on but other than that, she did everything on her own.  I showered and climbed in bed to find her already in bed and naked.

I pointed this out to her and she said, “I’m sorry but all my other clothes are in the cleaners and the ones I‘ve got here are too small right now.  So there.  Enjoy the view.”She stood up and started to walk around the bed doing different cheesecake poses for my pleasure.  When she got close enough, I grabbed her and throw her down on the bed laughing.  When I looked in her eyes this time, I kissed her.  And She returned the kiss with passion.

“Well Mr. Johnson, I’ve had my fun.  Now it’s time for yours!”  She pushed me over and walked over toward my pajama bottoms.  She undid the snaps and tried to pull them down.  I decided to help out just a bit and lift my ass up so she could get them down.

“You know, when that thing of yours isn’t covered it don’t look too threatening.”  With that she reached over and started to stroke my shaft.  Now it was my turn to moan.  She climbed on my stomach and mounted it like a cowboy.

“I’m going to ride this until you cum or I do, Whoever cums first.”

She started rub her pussy on my dick and moan herself.  I was ready to lose it when she yelled out in pleasure.  She kept on moving up and down on me.  When she brought her pussy close to the end of my dick, she rubbed her hands all over it.  This was the first sexual encounter I had and I was enjoying it.  

“I LOVE THIS!  YES!!”, she screamed.  She moved my dick so she could have the tip of it near her cunt.  She grinded her hips around and moaned even more.

“I want to have this in me now!”

My eyes were closed and I was enjoying it.  But all of a sudden, I felt pressure on my stomach.  I lazily opened my eyes to see what was happening.  She was growing again.  As she was growing, she was trying to get my dick inside of herself.  It started to go in slowly and she kept on growing until I was all the way.  She grew to about three to four foot tall and she didn’t care at all how big she was because we were both losing our virginity and having great sex.  Her pussy was tight and felt great.  I reached up and massaged her tits while she grinded out rising up and down on me.

We both lost it at the same time.  I exploded inside her as she screamed the loudest I’ve heard from her.  She climbed off and laid down beside me.  We kissed and were just to exhausted to do anything else but sleep.

We slept the best that we have in months.  When we woke up,  we kissed some more.  And started to play with each other some more.

“Angel, before we go at it again I want you to look around and see if you find anything different.”

“Well, I see the man that I’m falling for, a beautiful sunrise, and the best looking room I ever seen.  Why is there something else I suppose to see?”

“You bigger and even more beautiful.”

She jumped out of bed and was surprised to be able to look across the bed.  She started to run around the room jumping for joy.  

“Frank,  how soon will I be normal?”

“Well, how soon do you want to?  I think you can control you size now.  Try to think of your normal height.”

With that, she closed her eyes and grew some more until she was back to the size she started this whole thing.  She jumped back into bed on top of me and kissed me all over.

“When did you know?”

“I figured it out when you wanted to be big enough for me to be inside of you.  I think you can control your size.  I mean you can be small or normal.  Try to make yourself larger than now.”

She tried but nothing happened.  “Nothing happened.   I’m going to try smaller.”She looked at me and started to shrink.  She dwindled down smaller than the foot tall she was a couple days before.  She stopped and ran around the bed then started to return to normal.

I said, “I think the formula and your body chemistry worked into a strange way where you can change your height.  Why only small I don’t know?”

“I don’t care!  I’m normal again.  Frank, can ask you a favor?”

“Go ahead”

“Can I borrow your car?  There’s something I need to do.”

I thought for a moment.  Is this the time she’ll leave me forever or is she going to get revenge on me?  I figured nothing might happen so I gave her the keys and watched her leave.  I went to the cellar to do more checks on the theory I came up with on her size control.

Two hours later, I heard the car pull in the driveway.  I looked out the window and saw my car packed with boxes, bags and stuff.  I went to the door with my mouth open.

She looked up at the door and shouted out, “Well, don’t just stand.  Get that cute ass out here and help.”

Dumbstruck, I helped her unload and put the stuff in the living room.

“What’s going on, now that we’re done this?” “You see, I figured that I couldn’t live apart from the man I lost my cherry to, I can run-around in sweaty spandex and you couldn’t live without me.”

I walked over toward her with my hands on my hips looking cross.  “Oh you think I couldn’t, Huh.”  She looked kind of scare for a second.  “Angel, you’re right.  In the past two weeks, I got use to having someone around to care for and to be with.  You can stay, only if ...”

“If what?”

“I’ll think about it.”

Having Angel around was great,  she helped with the experiments I’ve been working on.  She also did stuff around the house for me.  I taken readings from her as we do a better test of her shrinking ability, which now gets me hornier at time.  We found out that the smallest she can go as about one inch, but I asked not to do to it anymore than five because I would miss see the full features of her body and face.

The best part of Angel’s move in is the love making.  We’ve made love at normal size, she’s been small enough so I can been in her and she’s tight, and when she’s doll size walking all over me and I would give great tongue lashings and finger probes.

The break was over and I received a call from Professor Toyogub.  He wanted me in his office in the morning.  I went over to se what he needed and dropped Angel off at her first class of the day.

“Frank, it’s nice to see you again.  How was your break?”

“Great!  I’ve found a girlfriend and had other breakthrus during the break.”

“Oh, you met Angel Mercury.  I knew you two would hit it off.”

“Wait!  What do you mean “You knew”?”

“I found out a week before I left that she broke up with her boyfriend.  I’ve seen how you moop around here when you saw her.  She was miserable.  You were pathetic.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that you two would be great together.  So I “arranged” to have you two meet.  And I see it worked.”

“How do you know that it’s Angel that I’m seeing?”

“I saw her getting out of your car.  I gave her a copy of her test with a fake grade knowing she would come over to question it.  That’s why I rushed out of here that day.  You were too much of a gentleman to have her walk back to her dorm.  You probably stopped to eat.  You talked together, found out that you have more in common, and you two hit it off great.  God, I should get into the match making business.”

I didn’t tell what happened REALLY happened.  “Well, you guessed what happened.  I guess this means I can’t teach the classes that she’s in anymore.  Hey, how about you come over for dinner tonight?”

“All right, I’ll be over around seven.  Order a pizza tonight.”

When I picked Angel up, I told her about the meeting.  She was SO surprised about what The Professor did and that he was coming over for dinner.  She laughed and gave me a big kiss.  “At least, he’s got good taste in men for me.”

The dinner went great.  The Professor was the happiest I’ve seen him in a while.  He considered me like a son and to see that I was happy made him in a great mood.

“The real reason I wanted to talk to you, Frank, was that I’ve decided to have you come on as teacher full time.  You’ll still have time for your experiment, that is if Angel lets you at home?!?!”, he laughed.

“Professor, whatever he needs to do, I let him as long as I can go with him.”

“Great!  You two are so happy and I can’t wait to see you two married.  You make a great couple.”

“Professor”, I said, “Aren’t you rushing things a little?”

“Now a days,  I don’t think so”

We all laughed.  The Professor left around ten.  Now we got to absorb all that happened in the past few weeks.  A teaching position, a girlfriend and I didn’t even ask or look for any of these.  What a life!

The next few months was interesting.  I’m teaching more (except Angel’s class) and I got the most interesting things at home.  The other day I got home and found a trail of Angel’s clothes leading into the bedroom.  I figured she was horny and couldn’t wait for me.  She got home to set up a “mood” for us.  I went up to the bedroom to see what she had set up.  When I got to the door, I heard tiny distance crying.  I quickly opened the door to see what’s the matter, fearing the worst.  Angel was sitting on the bed, the size of a doll, crying and rocking.  I ran up to her and kneeled by the bed.

“What’s the matter, honey?  Why are you crying?”

“I went for a checkup today.    The doctor gave me a physical and..  I CAN’T HAVE A BABY!!” I was a little in shock.  I didn’t know that she wanted one.

“The doctor said that something has changed my overias and now I can’t give you a baby.”

I reached over and picked her up in my palm.  I brought up to my face and kissed her.  “Angel, I’m not dating you to make babies.  I love you.  I wouldn’t leave you now or before because of this.  I want you to be with me forever.  It doesn’t matter if you can or not.  I want you to marry me.  We can adopt or see what other avenues we can go, but I want you to be my wife.”

She looked up at me through her tears.  “You’re just saying that to make me feel better.  I feel like shrinking away.  You only would be getting half of a woman and at this size I feel only that way.”

“NO!  You will not shrink away.  You’re more woman no matter what your size you are.  I want you to be my wife because you brought into my life something that I’ve been missing my whole life.  LOVE!  I haven’t had that since my parent died.  Maybe the Professor’s parental love for me but I’ve had nothing else before or since you.  you’ll answer my question or else!”

I saw fear in her eyes at that last statement.  “Or else what?”

I lifted closer to my mouth and opened it.  She started to scream thinking I was going to eat her.  When she was close enough, I licked her all over and tickled her until it was tears of joy.  She scurmed in my hand laughly and trying to push my face away.

“Enough, enough. I will, I will!  Just stop before I pee on you.”

“You will what answer or marry me?”

“Yes to both!”  With that, she grew back to normal.  She put her arms around me and we kissed passionately.  We called the Professor and told him he was right again and asked him to be my best man.  He accepted.

I got to close this up quickly and hide it again to see what the future will hold.  We going on our honeymoon tomorrow, after the wedding, in Hawaii on a small island that The Professor’s family owns.  He got it set up so we had privacy for a whole week.  I’m bringing a story I got off the Internet about shrinking call “TIM AND JENNY”.  I’ll let Angel read this on the flight over to get some ideas for tonight.

Until next entry...........
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There were a lot of typos, but I still love this.

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Thanks. I guess some got through the various spell checks and stuff when I edited it a few years ago to repost them after I had lost them via various forum crashes and hard drive dying.