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tali hoodie - give me your input!

Tali: [link]

Kal'Reeger: [link]

Garrus: [link]

Grunt: [link]


Liara: [link]

Mordin: [link]

Kasumi: [link]

Jack: [link]

Thane: [link]

Kaiden: [link]

Ash: [link]

Wrex: [link]

tutorial: [link] :)

EDIT 2: I actually took my time and created nice smooth lines and a realistic body, now the hoodie looks more professional

EDIT 3: drew the back of the hoodie. decided I'm gonna make a bunch of hoodies. when I have a bunch I'll nag Bioware to make them. HUZZAH.

EDIT 4: Thank you everyone for all of the kind words! I've read through all of your comments and I appreciate every word said!

so there's a few things about the bioware store thats upsets me... one thing is a lack of Tali related clothing for WOMEN D:

so I'm gonna try to create a sweatshirt design and send it to bioware... and maybe if all my dreams come true they'll actually make one

but I need help and input to see if anyone else would actually want this and buy it

i know its a longshot but lemme know what you guys think, this is just a rough draft im gonna keep working on it

mass effect (c) Bioware
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I can already tell this is good material, here's my money.
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i want one!!!
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If I had one, I'd totally make a face plate for it and wear it to sakura-con :3
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I would buy the hell out of these hoodies. Especially Tali~
As man i want the Tali one.
deadlydeviant's avatar
I would buy this in a heartbeat, I know bioware just came out with a tali and garrus hoodie and jacket, I honestly would prefer this one. If you could see if they would make it in a size for women with larger breasts that would be appreciated. But definitely loving this design.
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I would wear all of these!!!Love
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I want one.. ._.
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I would buy this in a heartbeat!
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I... want.... ONE!!!!!
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Oh my goodness if this was real I would love to buy this

As long as it wouldnt be super duper expensive, heh!

Oh goodness it's beautiful.
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SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! No, really, I would but one of these in an instant.
PalavenBlues's avatar
I would absolutely buy one of these.
LoneRebelX87's avatar
damn it, I'm a guy and i want this :-D Tali rules =)
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...;A; can I please have that?
gameguy199's avatar
i would wear that!!!!!!!!!!!
Realdeadmeat's avatar
I want one where can i get it
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I want this SO bad!!!
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I hope they get a male version 2.
Looks EPIC :P
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I am so buying this when it comes out.
Mathota's avatar
I'm sorry? I think the question is who wouldn't bye it!
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