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mass effect hoodies- Tali and Garrus


I'm sorry. I truly hope their success means that more will return in the future.
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Merchandise needs to be made
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TT________TT I have the Garrus jacket......I want Mordin's...sigh. 
crashmccool's avatar
It's been a long time, will these be back?
Yenaroo's avatar
Neeed a Grunt one!
freakyskull516's avatar
damn. i kinda want that tali one. so stylish...
MandaPanda79's avatar
I really want a few, especially a Tali one if it ever comes back in stock! :(
I want first dibs on next order for two garrus hoodies and one of each for the rest all in male medium if they are 60$ a piece. Ps there will be pain for me if I don't get my order! Lol this is legit.
ViolaZierau's avatar
Too bad that they look like Shit in Real.
primnull's avatar
did you actually get these printed and sell them or no?
AkantiaSolaris's avatar
I would kill for a Garrus hoodie.
Lightningstorm113's avatar
Damn. I love these. I wish there was a female version of the Garrus hoodie though. As far as I can tell there isn't one. o: If there will be one in the future... I'm pretty sure all the Garrus fangirls (like myself hehehe) would explode with sheer joy. <3  I hope there will be more of these. I'm very glad they are successful. I can't wait to see more. 
lunavixen015's avatar
The hoodies are unisex, I have both Garrus and Tali.
Pweh's avatar
I just bought one of the Tali Sherpa hoodies today. Yay!
SuperNovaeHollay's avatar
I just got all three of the Garrus, Wrex, and Tali Hoodies this week! I absolutely adore them! I hope that they make Liara, Kaidan, Ashley and Kasumi ones too! Do you happen to know if they will be making more? I absolutely adore them! :)
TheBethM1's avatar
They have to make Jack's!!!!
XxGeekRose2xX's avatar
Totally for a tali hoodie!
crimsonkitsuneoni's avatar
As soon as the Liara hoodie is available, I'm SO there!
These are awesome!  Any chance of designing a Saren, Javik, or Cerberus hoodie?
AethonMT's avatar
Pre-orders are up for new Garrus, Tali, and Wrex hoodies. :D
$68 each.…
WiserDesign's avatar
these are not them 
SuperNovaeHollay's avatar
Go to the Bioware Store site, and look under the sale items.
PKBitchGirl's avatar
They've just released newer versions of Garrus and Tali
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