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jack hoodie - give me your input!



Tali: [link]

Kal'Reeger: [link]

Garrus: [link]

Grunt: [link]


Liara: [link]

Mordin: [link]

Kasumi: [link]

Jack: [link]

Thane: [link]

Kaiden: [link]

Ash: [link]

Wrex: [link]

tutorial: [link] :)

I got WAAAYYYYYYY too carried away with this one and I have to admit a lot of the tats aren't even close at all :XD:

chances are this would be merely a "special addition" hoodie sold at a higher price. its super complicated. looks pretty though.

EDIT: Right after I draw out this my "Art of the Mass Effect Universe" arrives. Inside are detailed images of Jack's tattoos and their meanings. dangit that woulda been useful! :XD:
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Looks cool, but the concept kind of reminds me of chainsaw massacre, like I'd be wearing Jack's skin.