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garrus hoodie - give me your input!



Tali: [link]

Kal'Reeger: [link]

Garrus: [link]

Grunt: [link]


Liara: [link]

Mordin: [link]

Kasumi: [link]

Jack: [link]

Thane: [link]

Kaiden: [link]

Ash: [link]

Wrex: [link]

tutorial: [link] :)

Garrus as requested. I'm gonna make a women's version of garrus as well so dont worry! XD

I'm gonna design a buttload of hoodies
and when I'm finished I'm gonna nag bioware to make at least some of them...

some times you just wanna BE your favorite character! XD

see something you think I should change or add? lemme know. but remember these are SUPPOSED to be simple so they arent so hard to make.

also give me your character ideas! :)
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Did you know Bioware has something similar? They have an Archangel hoodie on their shop. It's veeeery cozy and has a ton of pockets.